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Thread: B6 Ultimate Charger/Discharger Reviews

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    B6 Ultimate Charger/Discharger Reviews

    Not Happy
    The unit is advertised as usable with 24 Volt Lead-Acid batteries. It can only be set to 20 Volts max. It cannot be set to automatic mode for NiCd or NiMH batteries, despite documentation that says it can be. The software is somewhat usable, but stops logging on its own and the data files are a proprietary format and cannot be imported into Excel or anything else.

    It could have been a terrific device, but it is not as advertised. I'm waiting for a response from the manufacturer's tech. support. I may just return it.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Judson, Jon

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    Re: B6 Ultimate Charger/Discharger Reviews

    Don't listen to Jon. Who the hell buys a R/C charger that primarily was designed for Li-Po, to charge a Lead/acid battery ANYWAY???? You don't write a bad review on a product because of something 99.9998% of the people won't use it for. (Think before you lead the world on about something you have no clue about Jon) :roll:

    The charger is FANTASTIC people. Charges with speed,accuracy, and VERY user friendly. You won't find a better, easier charger for under $100.00 trust me. I charge all my race packs @ charge levels of 8-10A, and all my play packs, and my sons packs @ 4-8A. Never had one issue. Balancing performance is super. Warning chimes comes in handy that your packs are done. On screen battery confirmation to make sure you don't set the wrong setting for your packs.

    Enjoy this charger. Make sure you get an AUTHENTIC unit also. ;)

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    Re: B6 Ultimate Charger/Discharger Reviews

    Thanks for that feedback on your experience!

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