Axi 2208/34 Silver
I purchased this motor about a year or so ago from HL and fell in love with the performance. It has been in many planes which have come and gone but the one it has been in for the past year is an earlier version of the Albatross bi-plane that HL used to sell many years ago. This plane has gone through many changes and has had its ups and downs, but until I installed the Axi motor the power was always marginal. Now it is a contender with most any plane in its class. This little motor performs so well it is hard to not want to put it in every park flyer I have. The AXI brand of motors is hard to beat, I would say that even though they are a bit expensive you will never go wrong with them if you match the motor to your aircraft properly. HL will make recommendations as to size and fit if you contact them, as well as to which ESC to use and what series of batteries to use also. These are the motors that other brands are compared to and are the top of the line.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rick, George