Powerful motor!
I have the AXI 2217/16 on my Pilot-1 Champ 1/8 Scale ARF. This is the recommended motor for that plane, and I must say that with the APC 9x6SF prop, Jeti 18 ESC, and Polyquest 1800mA 3S pack, it is a perfect match. The Champ weighs in at around 34 ounces, and this motor pulls it around with ease. Lazy cruising can be done at around 40-50% throttle. For takeoffs from paved runways, you won't need more that 75% throttle to get a sprited takeoff. Full-throttle takeoffs from the grass are a sight to see. This motor practically yanks the Champ off the ground.

AXI motors are top-notch quality and once you fly one, it isn't hard to see why.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Grose, Andy