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Thread: ATLAS SPORT 40 Outrunner Motor Reviews

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    ATLAS SPORT 40 Outrunner Motor Reviews

    Atlas 292708 Outrunner
    I really enjoy the whole Atlas family of Out runner Motors. My 292708 is currently mounted on a converted .40 Trainer. I run it on a 4 cell 1440 mAh Lipo pack, slightly under propped (11x6E). The performance is outstanding with 12-15 minute flight times.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Foster, Jerry

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    Re: ATLAS SPORT 40 Outrunner Motor Reviews

    Broke motor shaft, no parts available
    The motor worked fine, but seemed to have a LOT more vibration than the AXI that was previously in my Multiplex Magister. It doesn't seem to have been balanced very well at the factory. I balanced the prop on two different balancers, and both said it was good. So, I suspect that the outrunner was not balanced very well.

    Problem is, the first flight I made with this motor, I crashed the airplane, and the motor shaft snapped off at
    the groove for the e-clip! Didn't even break the prop.

    I contacted Hobby-Lobby, and they told me that replacement shafts are not available. I was told that the only remedy was to get it replaced under warranty. So far, I have not received any reply to my requests for warranty replacement, but I just learned that Hobby-Lobby is near Nashville, and the company is being affected by the flooding there.

    Chris Shaker
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by Shaker, Christopher

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    Re: ATLAS SPORT 40 Outrunner Motor Reviews

    Good replacement for .30-.40 glow
    I have owned this motor for almost a year now, running it in my converted GP FunOne. I use a 4S1P 4000mah battery and spin an 8x6 APC E-Prop. I tried other props but anything larger took the motor power well over 500w and they did not perform as well. The acceleration is not as good as I would like but once the plane is moving, it flies very well with good vertical. I have opened a lot of eyes on the glow side as to how well an inexpensive and large plane (relative to most park fliers) can fly. I already know of two die-hard glow fliers that want to convert/build something similar. This motor has performed very well with no issues of vibration, overheating, or hint of failure. One just needs to respect the max. power rating and keep it cool.

    Plane - Great Planes FunOne @ 4 lbs (this is the same weight as powered with a .40 glow motor)
    Prop - APC 8x6 E-Prop spinning at ~10-11K rpm in static measurements and fresh battery
    Flight Time: with 4S 4000mah battery ~ 7.5 minutes with most flight at ~70% throttle
    I end the flight with ~30% of battery capacity left (based on recharge values)

    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Frenzl, Ronald

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