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Thread: ATLAS OUTRUNNER 2317/20 Reviews

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    ATLAS OUTRUNNER 2317/20 Reviews

    Atlas 2317/20
    I personally have seven(7) Atlas motors including two(2) 2317/20's. I have flown the 2317's repeatedly without a single glitch. They perform flawslessly on 3cell lipos that range from 1000mah to 1500mah. The run on a 1000 mah 3cell averages 20 minutes, depending on the throttle range. I am using 10/4.7 props and 30amp esc's.
    One of the 2317's is powering a 48inch Miss America, and I get almost vertical climbouts with this combination. The second 2317 is on a 15 size sport plane. It has plenty of power for all of the basic pattern maneuvers, such as lops, cuban eights and emmetmans. After a 25minute run, the motor is just warm, and the esc's are also just slightly warm. I highly recommend this motor for anyone looking for a power plant for a 15 size plane. They are also economical as well as reliable.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Harper, John

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    Re: ATLAS OUTRUNNER 2317/20 Reviews

    Good motor but limited prop choices
    Have installed in Mini Pulse XT. Using generic 25 AMP speed control. Here are some readings taken in last week with two three different props. All using 2300 mah Thunder Power Extreme V2 3S.
    APC 11x7 SF: 207 watts, 18.9 amps.
    APC 10x7 SF: 170 watts, 15.5 amps.
    APC 10x5 SF: 130 watts, 11.8 amps

    This appears to be a good quality motor, although the Mini-Pulse would benefit from a bit more power and acceleration on an upline.The key negative is the prop adapter will not allow use of standard APC E props as there is not enough length to the adapter shaft to give purchase to the threads. So, you are doomed to fly only SF props. This is a real limitation in prop choice. Other than that, the motor runs fine. The bolt pattern when using the prop adapter is the same as the E-Flite 450, so you can bolt it right in to planes from their stable designed for the 450. But, again, you are limited to SF props. For this reason, I marked it down to a 3 rating, otherwise, would have been a four star.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Schneider, Russell

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