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Thread: AR6110e DSM2 Microlite Rx - End Pin

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    AR6110e DSM2 Microlite Rx - End Pin

    Make the switch to 2.4
    Rock-solid connection! I'm using 4 of these in everything from a 100mph flying wing to an indoor 3D plane. One was stuck up in a tree with my EPP Reno Racer for 8 months and I just got it back... plugged it in and it still works perfectly!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Reinsch, Bobby

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    Re: AR6110e DSM2 Microlite Rx - End Pin

    Good receiver but only for close flying models
    The AR6100 works just fine but of the 3 I owned, all newest firmware, none had a range beyond 600 feet at my flying field. I lost 3 models that day do to this issue. I swapped to the AR500 and I have no problems. So the AR6100s I have are now only used for close flying foamies and I have no issues now with them. Others have no trouble so it may just depend on your field, so I would just suggest range testing them, not the test they suggest by using the bind button, but walk it off. All my tests passed the range check/bind button test per the manual but when physically walked off stopped at ~600 feet depending on how I held the model.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by slusarczyk, don

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