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Thread: AMX ARF Reviews

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    AMX ARF Reviews

    AMX Light Attack Fighter Jet ARF
    Vuela muy estable, ideal para ser el primer Jet para comenzar a volar en la categoria.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Rojo, Antonio Fernando

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    Re: AMX ARF Reviews

    fantastic deal for the money
    This is my first Ducted Fan. I bought the RTF version on sale for $119 plus shipping. I couldn't believe you could buy an EDF that requires no extra equipment for so cheap. I used 5 min epoxy and it went together in about 2 hours. Assembled weight was 1/2 oz lighter than claimed, which is rare. I constantly bring a plane to the office to fly at lunch, and no one is interested. I bring in the AMX, and everyone is begging to see it fly. The average person really wants to see a "jet".

    The AMX is a beautiful plane, and the fit and finish are great. I did have to sand the paint of the wing mounting tab like everyone else. I did not have any servo centering problems, which I heard some early complaints about.

    The mid mounted wing makes hand launches easy. The plane has plenty of power, and although I don't think it has unlimited vertical, you don't need it. After a level pass, it has enough thrust and momentum to go straight up until I can't see it clearly. The small wing span means you can't get too far away. Landing is easy, with a slow stall speed. The only minor problem being that the elevator servo arms do drag on the landing surface. The kit comes with 4 "bumps" which the instructions do not tell you what to do with. I used them to at least partially protect the elevator servo arms, and overlap the front of the bottom cover, so that it doesn't pull open on landing. Oh, and unless your landing strip is really short grass, I'd leave off the missiles. They catch on tail grass, and break, although, they glue back together easily too.

    This isn't a beginner plane, but I was surprised how stable and easy it was to fly. I centered the ailerons and elevators during assembly, and didn't have to trim the plane at all in flight. With included 1300mah battery, flights are around 5 minutes. That's short by my standards, but it is a fun 5 minutes. Now, when I go flying at lunch, we have to take 2 cars, because everyone wants to see an airshow! Buy the AMX, it looks great, it's priced cheap (even at regular price), and it flys great.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by bloor, chris

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    Re: AMX ARF Reviews

    AMX Jet = WIN
    I bought the airframe-only kit so that I could add my own power system (DonsRC Wicked 4800Kv motor w/dynamically balanced 64mm fan), but will leave my review here since HL no longer has the AMX airframe-only kit in-stock.

    This is one sharp-looking airframe, and it looks even sharper in flight. Assembly is very easy, one of the best features of the AMX EPP airframe is that you get LOTS of room for wiring, ESC, and Rx. I used Gorilla Glue for assembling the wings, elevators, and stabilizer as it's one of the strongest glues around that retains flexibility and will not harm foam in any way.

    On Dons Wicked 4800Kv motor (2200mAh 3S 30C LiPo), there are no issues at all propelling this airframe to over 90mph, no additional mods necessary. Hand launches are nearly effortless, torque roll is not as much of a factor with an EDF. Landings are even easier as the AMX will float down nicely for a smooth, greased touchdown. Only mod that I recommend is clearing out some of the EPP below the canopy if you're planning on using a larger battery. This is an easy task that only requires a utility or exacto knife and a few minutes of time.

    The AMX flies great on the stock power system, makes for a better flight experience for a more novice RC'er, though I don't recommend the AMX for beginners as it will tip stall if you lack familiarity and a feel for a model that needs to have speed on banks and turns.

    Check out this thread on RCG for an in-depth review of the AMX Jet on the stock power setup:
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by ChrisGWNY

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    Re: AMX ARF Reviews

    I give this product 5 stars. Review by bodouin, howard

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    Re: AMX ARF Reviews

    Had same jet. i was wondering what kv motor did it come with. still have motor and fan unit .spec 64mm fan unit, 5 blade rotor, purple end bell on motor silver can. Do not know kv of motor.

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