AMX Air Frame
AMX is a great flying EDF aircraft!! Easy hand launch, slow landing (into the wind) of course. If you purchase the airframe only, be sure you select the correct motor, esc, & lipo. I'm running a 2350 lipo 3s, 36 amp Castle creation esc, & a 3800 KV brushless in-runner. The possibilities are unlimited with this EDF Aircraft!! Tried the little screamers brushless motor for the F-86 from Hobby Lobby in this unit, pulled too many amps & cooked the motor. The AMX has an extremely fast roll rate with the above set-up. Unlimited vertical, great fast speed passes!! You will have to cut away the inner battery tray to accept a larger lipo!! Other than that it's a fantastic aircaft!! Money well spent!!! Make sure to check C.G. !!!!!!
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Simonin,