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Thread: ALFA P-51B "SHANGRI-LA" ARF Reviews

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    ALFA P-51B "SHANGRI-LA" ARF Reviews

    Alfa P-51 Mustang
    I simply love the Alfa war birds and they now makeup a significant portion of my fleet. This Mustang from Alfa is my most recent addition. I just could not resist the sale!

    While there are many Mustangs in the modeling world not too many "B" models exist - and I love them. This B model is a thing of beauty and as good as it looks, it flies even better.

    With the Alfa war bird line you get both a fine looking scale ship and a plane with excellent flight performance. It flies just like it was attached to rails. The flying characteristics closely follow the other Alfa models.

    Excellent looks
    Prefabrication nearly 100% -- no hinges horns or pushrods to install
    Stellar flight performance
    Fast assembly
    Light weight
    Complete hardware kit

    Canopy/battery hatch replacement can be a bit difficult

    The Alfa Mustang is priced right and the recommended power system gives all the motivation you would want or need. I highly recommend it!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Llewellyn, Mike

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    Re: ALFA P-51B "SHANGRI-LA" ARF Reviews


    So I can take photographs, the club test pilot maidened the P-51B Mustang. Immediately, the front part of the spinner separated (captured by the camera). On landing the firewall/motor-mount/motor combo unglued from the nose. Surprisingly, other than a broken propeller, there was no other damage.

    The nose is of thin foam material and the gluing contact surface is suspect. Three (3) blocks of 3/8” x 3/8” x 1-1/2” spruce with one layer of ¾” fiberglass were applied to the inside of the nose. Subsequent twist-test yielded a stiff nose section.

    Right and down thrust-line offsets were also applied to correct for severe pitch-up attitude on throttle application.


    The all-up-flying weight (AUW) with 1050 mAh, 3S battery was 13.56 ounces prior to the repair and modifications. Subsequent AUW is 14.4 ounces, still below the target weight of 15 ounces.

    The second maiden flight, which I did myself, was very uneventful. Trims were not required and the flight performance was very good with a broad speed range. More familiarization flights will be made before wild aerobatic maneuvers are performed.


    It is a Mustang.

    Easy to hand-launch.

    Small and lightweight with good flight characteristics.

    In spite of corrective modifications made, it is still an easy build.

    Reasonable cost.


    Poor firewall/motor-mount structure and fuselage attachment.

    Weak aileron servo mount and control rod adjustment.

    Good true-scale pictorials will help in scale decal application.

    The missing pilot.


    Definitely the Alfa Models P-51B Mustang is a fun plane with nostalgic touch and flavor. While relatively, an easy build, it is more suitable for the experienced intermediate pilot/modeler. Hopefully, the cowling-firewall centerline mismatch is unique to my case. Otherwise, it could frustrate the less technically inclined.

    Hand-launching is easy. Just hold by the cockpit above the center-of-gravity. Apply enough throttle to feel like the plane wants to go. A mild swing with the arm, let go. With my mode-2 transmitter, my left hand is on the plane. Throttle adjustment is with my right. Subsequently, when ready for release, my right hand moves to the right stick. Please note that excessive throttle input introduces too much power and probable unwieldy torque roll.


    The build and the first maiden flight were covered with high-resolution photographs.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Perena, Delfin

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