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Thread: Telemaster PLUS Consruction Quality

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    Telemaster PLUS Consruction Quality

    Hello all,

    I have a yellow Senior Telemaster ARF that I currently fly. It took extensive modification to the fuselage and wing to make them rigid and remove their tendency to twist. In some cases, wing braces between ribs actually fell out when we removed the covering on the bottom of the wing. It appeared that the braces were not glued in at all, not even with the unacceptable hot glue that many ARF builders now use.

    Now that am considering the PLUS, I would hope that for this price, these types of construction deficiencies would have been eliminated.

    What have you who have already assembled this plane found regarding construction quality? I need to know before I commit to this plane and the engine and accessories that are required.

    Thanks for your help.

    John T.

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    Re: Telemaster PLUS Consruction Quality

    This is regarding the ST Plus:

    So far so good. Have not flown it yet....but I have assembled it and everything looks ok. I can't comment on all the glue joints...but nothing has jumped out at me!
    The wings are removable and join through the fuselage with pretty stout aluminum rods.....I don't see where you are going to get much twisting here....especially the way that the wing struts bolt to the wing and then to the landing gear assembly.

    The weak link in the kit is the elevator joiner. This joiner has 2 set screws that allow you to remove the empenage from the fuselage for easier transport. The problem is that the set screws are threaded through a (hollow) aluminum tube and can easily strip. When I slid the stabilizer halves together I noticed my first issue. The elevator wires were too long. I had to use a rotary tool to shorten these and re-grind flat spots for the elevator joiner. A little cutting, twisting and re-beveling was required.

    Picture of (aluminum) Elevator U Control with very small set screws:

    A little worrisome if one of the set screws loosens and allows the elevators to shift in flight.....????? I almost installed the empenage permanently to alleviate this problem....but will see if my worries are justified.

    A great review of the build can be found here:

    I would give the kit quality a solid "B". 8-)

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