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Thread: Advanced F15 Blue Camo ARF Reviews

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    Advanced F15 Blue Camo ARF Reviews

    Great jet!!
    I just flew my new F-15 Aggressor today and I was very impressed. I have flown 64mm fans before but none have performed like this one. Takeoffs are very scale and the landings are smooth with just a little power. At one point I gave it full throttle, eased the stick back to a vertical climb and it never stalled!! At the point of losing sight of it, I reduced the throttle to idle and watched it gently float down. A great jet for a great price.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Davis, David

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    Re: Advanced F15 Blue Camo ARF Reviews

    F-15 Aggressor..
    This was my first edf jet, a gift from my wife. All I can say is wow, right out of the box it flies great, all it needed was a few clicks of down elevator, I have had no problems from it and now have over a dozen flights on it. The stock battery is very good and holds great charge. The guys at my flight field were very impressed with the speed and how well this plane glides. The only negative I could say was the landing gear is weak, after first landing it came out and made a hole in the rear, but was because the factory glue was cheap. Other than that it is a great plane, and I really enjoy it and it is a head turner. This is not a beginner plane but if you have low wing aileron experience you should be fine. About 4 to 5 mins of flight time but they are really intense....A++ Hobby Lobby...
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Johnson, Dwayne

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    Re: Advanced F15 Blue Camo ARF Reviews

    Buy it!!!
    I have to agree with Dwayne, the only fault I had with this jet is poorly glued landing gear retainers. Mine had factory defect where foam wasn't molded in the pocket and first landing, gear came off the jet. No damage to plane, just came off. A little hot melt glue to fill in the void and back in business. I forced the other side out and re-glued it and have had no other problems. This jet has gobs of power for a 64mm edf. In fact it is one of the few that can take off on its own power without a mile long paved runway. I fly from a dirt field that's pretty smooth and jet has no problem taking off about 75 feet. Flight is great and landings are easy with a little power. Quality is very good. Not a beginner jet but easy enough for someone with a little experience.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Faurot, Robert

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    Re: Advanced F15 Blue Camo ARF Reviews

    Great plane
    Just got it in the mail a couple days ago and was impressed with the detail. It took me less then an hour to put it together. I recommend attaching one wing at a time to the fuse. You will need to re glue the rear landing gear mounts. The factory glue sucks and it began to come loose while assembling the jet. CG was a little off by an inch but after reading the forums it seemed fine. I was a little nervous launching with a different then recommended CG but after it took off it flew great. Handling was better then I expected. It glides like a park flier and I landed with the motor off. Awesome Jet, Highly recommended.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Jaentsch, Kalani

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    Re: Advanced F15 Blue Camo ARF Reviews

    Great Stable Plane
    I actually don't own this plane, but a friend at my RC Club owns it, and he let me fly it. I'm fairly new at RC planes, but he wanted me to try out an EDF type plane, so he hand launched it and I had the controls, and I must say, this plane was very stable and fairly easy to fly. Since I'm new to RC planes, I flew very gentle with approx 1/2 power and did mainly figure 8's and basic climbs and descents, and I'm very pleased how the plane handled. I was able to land very smooth too, with a bit of power added to ensure i did not stall. I shopping around for an EDF now, so I may get this one.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rosenzweig, Mike

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    Re: Advanced F15 Blue Camo ARF Reviews

    Proud to Fly on Memorial Day Weekend
    Thank you HL for making me proud to fly and show your F-15 on Memorial Day weekend at my AMA flying field. This was my first scale EDF foam jet and it flew straight and true on maiden flight in less than 100 feet on recently mowed grass flying field runway. It could use some down trim, but I just enjoyed flying too much to bother on maiden and 2nd flight. I only used low rates for nice roll rate and full power for impressive vertical climbs .Yes, the jet has poorly glued landing gear retainers that should just be pulled and reglued with 5 min epoxy before flying. I also had one servo become defective while checking out the controls before its maiden flight. HL quickly mailed me a HS-65 replacement at no charge. Excellect flying EDF jet and service gave it 5 stars.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Del Monte, Bryan

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    Re: Advanced F15 Blue Camo ARF Reviews

    This is the first motored aircraft i have ever flown. I went out expecting not to come back with it yet it's dexterity and forgiving flight characteristics allowed me to learn at my own pace. I was left with 4 nearly perfect landings an untouched aircraft After the 20 minute maiden flight. This plane fly's excellent in slow flight and will glide in a headwind. It even maintains its stability and control in level balls-to-the-wall flight.

    In summary this is an awesome aircraft for anyone comfortable keeping a plane in the air, but not sure if they can handle the speed of an EDF.

    I will caution its speed and amount of runway/feild you will need to fly this aircraft comfortably. When the throttle is dumped this plane will accelerate; on ground or air. Also take the time to re-seat the landing gear holders, they popped out on me during my first taxi, Guerilla glue worked like a charm.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by

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