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Thread: A7 CORSAIR II ARF Reviews

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    A7 CORSAIR II ARF Reviews

    Always draws a crowd!
    This jet is a blast to fly and has quite a presence in the air! It's easy to hand launch and is smooth flying with no bad habits. I would guess that the top speed is 75-80 mph, and it has adequate thrust for very big loops, though not unlimited vertical. Landings take some space, though it does slow down nicely with some up elevator. The stock battery is good quality and gives me about 5 minutes flying time at mostly full throttle. No problems with any of the stock electronics with about 20 flights to date. Definitely recommended!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Doug P

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    Re: A7 CORSAIR II ARF Reviews

    Looks great in th air!
    This EDF is easy to hand launch and flies like it is on rails! Top speed is probably around 80 mph give or take so it needs a big flying field, but it slows down real nice for landing. If your radio system has the capability to program flaperons, they work really well on this plane. The foam around the bottom of the air intake is a little thin and benefits from some reinforcement, but otherwise this is a very well engineered model. I have heard some others complaining about quality control problems with this kit, but mine was perfect right out of the box. My experience has been a solid 5 stars!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Payne, Doug

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    Re: A7 CORSAIR II ARF Reviews

    Total “building” time was about one hour. I probably spent more time looking for a large piece of foam rubber to assemble the plane on than actually building it. All the parts show an amazing level of fit and it’s obvious that the molds for the parts were made using computer aided design and manufacture. The instruction booklet is almost useless but then other than where the center of gravity should fall, it’s really not needed.
    Opening the channel in the top of the fuselage where all of the servo extensions meet helps to get all of the wiring nested easier. I used a Dremel tool with a large ball router to relieve the foam on the wing over the speed control to help the wing seat better also. Other than the backwards “E” for excellence markings at the wing root, I found all of the decals to be well applied and they compliment the paint scheme well. The pre-painted plugs for the wing mount screw holes are a nice feature.
    The canopy/battery hatch retention arrangement did not work well for me and I substituted rare earth magnets for the small steel clips on the cockpit floor as well as a pair of magnets at the top of the cockpit and fuselage spine. The cockpit floor and canopy are shipped unattached allowing the detailing of the cockpit however the supplied instrument panel decal will not fit and I decided not to use them.
    Flying? Let’s just say this is the fastest foam beer cooler I’ve ever piloted! I was truly not expecting the level of performance that this model delivers. Full power thrust is more than enough to allow 3 step hand launches. Most of my flights have been at about 60% power which delivers very nice scale speed, large loops from level flight, Cuban 8s, rolls, and all the other non-rudder maneuvers. Full throttle flybys are WAY cool! The carbon tube wing spars are in there for a reason!
    The supplied 4 cell 2200 battery gives 6+ minutes of mixed power flying. The ESC cut off has left the battery at 13.5 volts after flights so it’s set correctly and the battery is not being drained too deeply. All of the components have remained cool and should give a long life.
    The model slows down well and has a nice glide with a good nose high landing that protects the thin foam at the intake lip. Speaking of protecting the foam, I applied a 3” wide strip of clear tape along the length of the bottom fuselage as well as at the wing tips to give some skid protection and I feel this is a must if you plan for the model to last more than 10 or 12 flights. The intake lip can be further strengthened by rubbing on a layer of foam safe CA glue around the lip for about ½ inch back on the top and bottom.
    As a child in the early seventies, I had accompanied my father to the Rebel Rally model contest at White House OLF in Jacksonville, Florida. Somehow in speaking with one of the Navy service members that had come out to watch the contest; we were invited out to the LSO shack at the edge of the runway at the end of the day to watch a squadron of A-7s make practice carrier landings. The sight of the planes making their over head breaks with the huge belly dive brakes open, the noise of the engines as they hit the runway and took back off, the sides of the LSO shack shaking in the roar of the engines are all great memories that have come back even stronger now that I’m flying my own A-7.
    Highly recommended.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by McGowin, L Scott

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    Re: A7 CORSAIR II ARF Reviews

    Not a bad plane.
    Easy to assemble.
    Good: flies well, easy to lunch. It is stable in the air but still maneuverable. Ok power o stock fan but make sure you keep the speed up.
    There is no landing gear on the plane, so make sure you have a good are to land it on the grass or whatever else. I'd suggest covering the bottom of the plane a well as the lip with packing tape.

    Bad: once you lost your momentum in the air you are done, just hope you can crash land on the soft area. The fan does not have enough power to recover from a stall at low altitude, so keep up the speed in the turns.
    You better have a 25c to 30c to even 35c 2200-2400 battery as the plane needs every bit of power you can give it.
    A very good 20c is ok, I had an average 20c and didn't even make on turn at full power as the plane went fast toward the ground. The one supplied with the plane so far is ok while it is new.
    Over all the plane is ok, I just wish it was available with landing gear.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Solodchenko, Igor

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    Re: A7 CORSAIR II ARF Reviews

    Big beautiful, graceful boat
    Well that's what I call my A7. A Big beautiful, graceful boat. Maybe I have to put my review in perspective. I've been in the hobby for less than a year and I've only flown F27C Strykers, which are fast and highly maneuverable. Well, at least compared to the A7. But I have to say that even though I have some criticisms, I do love flying this plane. It looks beautiful and it's very graceful in flight.

    My experience with this plane is definitely different from some others. I've flown it six times now. The first flight was ok until the landing. I stupidly didn't think about how thin the air intake area was and landed it like my Strykers. The air intake got totally crunched. You absolutely must land this plane nose up! A more experienced pilot probably would have known that but I guess I'm still a rookie. I reconstructed it using a little hot glue to hold the pieces in place and then Gorilla Tape to reshape it. I then ran two strips of tape all the way along the bottom of the fuselage for more protection. I measured the tape on my postal scale and the amount I used came to 1.3 ounces (18 grams). That's a 4% increase in total weight. I don't think it should have slowed the plane down noticeably.

    After flying a couple of times I had to adjust the servo arms for maximum throw because the thing flew like a boat. A great big beautiful and graceful boat, but still a boat in comparison. It made big wide slow turns and I wanted better control. You also must REALLY give this a strong, fast throw to get it into the air. Someone else mentioned a 3 step throw. Might not be a bad idea. My plane doesn't fly anywhere near 80 mph. It barely has enough speed to do a loop. It will do Split S turns and Half Reverse Cuban 8's very well but I only tried an Immelman turn once because it stalled out at the top of turn and didn't have enough speed to flip upright. I definitely do NOT fly this plane at 2/3 throttle. I fly at full throttle all the way and I get about a 4 1/2 minute flight.

    I also did not like the battery compartment arrangement. You must push the battery in "leads first" and try to stuff any leads that remain completely under the overhang. If you don't the flimsy cockpit magnets won't be able to secure the cockpit all the way down. The battery leads are high current, thick wires and they can't be allowed to stick up in the least bit or they get in the way.

    The plane gets 4 or 5 stars for fit, finish, and overall appearance. But I only gave it 3 stars because a) It's underpowered, b) The manual is a total joke (but I've come to expect that from Chinese products), and c) The air intake area is too flimsy and there should be a clear warning about that.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Lindauer, Douglas

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    Re: A7 CORSAIR II ARF Reviews

    Great Looking A-7
    Mine arrived undamaged and in good packaging. The parts have nice detail and fit nicely together. The A-7 comes with its own glue that works well. Its very simple to put together and takes no time at all. The instructions are average and not complete as they leave a few items out. There is no mention of how to put the canopy together. Its not difficult -apply some water slide decals and glue the deck to the canopy and add some magnets. There is room for a pilot bust if you have one. The horizontal stabilizers have panel lines on the top side, smooth on the bottom. A novice might not be able to tell which is which but you can study the photos to figure this out. I used my soldering iron to melt a small amount of foam away from the underside of the wing directly over the speed control so the wing would fit nicely. The only item with the kit that I was not happy with was the control rods and clevis. The control rods in my kit were slightly long requiring the clevis to be screwed on to the point that there was not enough thread inside the clevis to be secured properly. I replaced the rods so they were the proper length.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Durst, Matthew

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    Re: A7 CORSAIR II ARF Reviews

    a-7 review
    aircraft went together very fast and flew beautifully on maiden flight. all kits should be like this. its alot more fun to be able to go fly, rather spend a lot of time building. have a dozen flights on it now and love it!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Shonkwiler, Glen

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    Re: A7 CORSAIR II ARF Reviews

    a-7 corsair now a super speedster
    Flew nicely it roars...this is a great foam jet for modding!
    put in an rclander 68mm metal high thrust fan unit, 80 amp esc and 3300 mah 4s- 30c li-po
    I am getting 1000+ watts at 65 amps steady. static thrust in of 1.1 kilos.
    now have dive speeds in excess of 125 mph.

    warning!! the plane must be reinforced to handle these speeds and added wing loading.
    without reinforcement it will fail sooner or later under high loads and/or speeds. the metal fan adds 10 ounces and the battery 10 now the wing loading has been increased 75%. foam is only so strong under G loads.

    1) fortify the intake scoop at the nose with epoxy to avoid grass damage when landing.even stock this happened and fortification was needed.
    2) put in carbon fiber rods on top of wing.. i use a 3mm rod to prevent the wing folding on you during flight
    the factory reinforcement rods are not enough to handle the increased loads
    3)put in heavier control linkages with less slop and flutter...i used carbon fiber dual z bend links that i build to custom length...the plane handles a lot tighter at high speeds
    4)gently dremel out the front of the battery compartment to allow for a more forward battery placement to balance the jet at the correct c.g. you might also have to remove the canopy detail insert to make room for the bigger battery

    finally use battery management!!! even with that huge battery flight times are limited to 4-5 minutes tops.
    i only use full throttle for takeoff,,wicked cool screaming low passes, dives and the front side of vertical
    moves like loops etc.

    i highly rec this jet for anyone who want to hop up a foamie into a screamer. just a few mods are needed that are very easy to complete since the fan and all the controls are easy to get at........
    and this baby really moves..with super vert moves and a great jet sound.

    my next project is to reinforce the foam control surfaces to firm up the roll rate... i will prob need higher torque servos too.

    I give this product 4 stars. Review by toney, stephen

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