Great little charger,but....
This seems to be a very high quality charger. I have charged just about everything pertaining to rc.
I bought it to balance my Li-Po batteries because I was just using a regular Li-Po charger and I wondered
if I was charging the cells correctly. It comes with a lot of high quality adapters but they forget to tell you
one thing. You can't plug your balancing plug from your battery into the port on the charger! I drove to my
LHS and picked up a set of adapters from E-Flight for about 10 bucks. If I had known you needed adapters
I would have ordered the TP/FP Adapter set (product #SCR510 ) from Hobby-Lobby when I ordered the charger.
They have several different balance port adapters for different types of Li-Po batteries. It has become my #1
charger because it will charge so many different things and it has readouts so you can tell what is happening while
it is working. Even after having to buy the adapters I still gave it a top rating. It's a nice product!
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Elliott, Robert