The measurements could be wrong on this battery...
I'm pretty sure the measurements listed for this battery are wrong. This looks to be the same battery that came with my little Kyosho Piper J-3 Cub VE29 that has the 700mm (27.6") wingspan.

I can't make out all the code numbers under the 430mAH number on the label in the picture but if they are:
YT453048HHHH 2S
then this is the correct battery for the Kyosho J-3.

The actual measurements are : 2-1/8 x 1-3/16 x 3/8 inches or (52 x 30 x 7 mm). The one I measured came with my J-3 and has a rather large solder connection for the wires and actually pushes the thickness up to 10mm on one end.

I'm fixing to order this battery for my J-3 (it's late March) so I sure hope my measurements are correct!

Since I won't know until I get this battery... I'm going to give it a middle of the road rating. Then again, if it is the correct battery maybe it needs the middle of the road rating for the rather large solder/wiring job where the wires connect to the battery.
I give this product 3 stars. Review by Smith, Randy