Not all batteries are the same
I have to say this was the first lipo I bought from HLI. I have used it in several aricraft and it just keep performing and performing. I have bought the so called less exspencive batteries from other dealers and many have been retired because they just do not do it anymore. I want a battery that id going to keep performing and not let me down in 20 flights. My 3700 from HLI has over 100 flights and is stil like the day I bought it. If you want cheap go ahead and waste your hard earned cash and buy cheaper. But remember this after 15 to 20 flights all you will get is lost performance and end up with a cheap almost worthless battery pack. YOU WANT A GREAT BATTERY PACK. GET THE TWENTY OR TWENTYFIVE SERIES PACKS FROM HLI YOU WILL NOT REGRET THIS FINE PURCHACE AND YOUR MONEY WILL BE WELL SPENT.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rieco, David