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Thread: 3 CELL 11.1V 2500MAH LIPO PACK Reviews

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    3 CELL 11.1V 2500MAH LIPO PACK Reviews

    Enerland 2500 11.1v 3-cell
    These are well built packs, unlike many of the cheap chinese knockoffs that you take your chances with. Many of the chinese paks are cheap for a reason, they cut corners. Poor or weak solder connections between cells in a pack can conduct poorly or even fail. Ever see a lipo pack short and catch fire, search youtube and use a Liposack. I won't risk my aircraft and gear to cheap Lipos. I've seen prices on these packs drop 25-30% in just the past year. These are good prices on good high Quality packs. I'll buy these again for sure from H-L. OK, now that I beat up on Chinese stuff I will say there is a lot of great Chinese stuff now and a lot less bad stuff. By the way, Enerland packs are from Korea.I also own a few Dualsky brand Lipos. Similar price and quality to Enerland. Dualsky pack are made in China, but lack the between the cell spacing to aid cooling, that the Enerland lipos have. These Enerland lipos used to be call Polyquest, hence the PQ pack designations.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Hall, Victor

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    Re: 3 CELL 11.1V 2500MAH LIPO PACK Reviews

    Two Flights and dead
    I put my new EnerLand 2500 mah 3 cell LiPoly pack in a new sailplane. I charged it on a AccuCycle Charger on the LiPoly setting using default values for charge current. Battery did not get warm to touch in charging. I charged it twice and flew on two days a week apart. After the second flight, the motor still had plenty of power. I disconnected the pack. A week later I went to charge it and the charger would not work, it indicated voltage was two low (below 3.1V) on the pack.I checked it with my vacuum volt meter and it read 2.8V. A day later it reads 1.8V. It appears that this pack was defective, anyway it is dead!
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Lazarchik, Gregory

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