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Thread: 3 Blade Prop 11 x 10 Reviews

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    3 Blade Prop 11 x 10 Reviews

    Scale 3-Blade 11 X 10 Variable Pitch Prop
    After reading a couple reviews on the 9" version of this prop, I was a little apprehensive. No need to be though. The prop is exactly as it is described. Actually better. It states that it is for electric use, and not for high power motors.
    I bought two of these to try on a Wing Mfg A26. Using an Emax BL2826/06 on a 14.8 lipo I was able to pull a little over 800 watts at full power. I only did this for a few seconds, as I don't think this prop is meant for anything close to that. But it shows it's efficiency, as with the same setup with a Master Airscrew 3 blade 11x8 prop I can only pull about 600 watts. I believe this prop would be very comfortable in the 300 to 400 watt range. Testing was done in the stock 10" pitch, and I see no need to change for my purposes.
    The unit is very easy to assemble, and mounts perfectly to the required adapters. If you would need to change the pitch, it is very simple, and the provided pitch gauge is a fine instrument in itself, and would be worth more than a couple bucks itself.
    All in all, I found this prop to be well worth the money, as you could pay this much for someone else's static prop. I hope this isn't one of those items that Hobby Lobby sells for a few months and then is no longer available, as I will being trying the others as projects dictate.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Keldsen, Randy

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    Re: 3 Blade Prop 11 x 10 Reviews

    Scale 3-Blade 11X10 Variable Pitch Prop
    I purchased this unit for my Parkzone F4U Corsair. My data recording gear is on order so I don't have any numbers to post here. My Corsair has all stock electronics and I use a 3s-2200mah-30c lipo. The pitch of the props is set to 8".

    I get an average of 12 minute flight times which includes several full power high speed passes and some full power vertical climbs for about 5 to 7 seconds each. Upon landing, the motor,battery and esc are comfortably warm.

    The pitch adjustment tool is of high quality and easy to use. The only thing you need to be careful of is when you clamp the blade in the tool. Be sure the leading and trailing edges of the blades are seated w/in the corners of the clamping window. If not you can get a false pitch reading.

    Great performance and great scale look. Well worth the money.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Catbagan, Andrew

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    Re: 3 Blade Prop 11 x 10 Reviews

    Good Buy
    The design is simple and incredibly scale looking. Removal of the tab to make it truly variable pitch is quite easy, and the performance in flight is excellent.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Sanders, Frank

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    Re: 3 Blade Prop 11 x 10 Reviews

    Great Scale looking Prop!
    The prop Gives my scratch built Corsair a very nice scale look in the front.
    I think it is worth noting the prop has a fixed Pitch until the tabs are removed or rounded off of the back of the prop blades.
    the pitch gauge is a very good quality made from Laser cut birch ply
    my only complaints are I would like to see a couple of longer blade lengths for the prop hub like a 12" and 13"
    and the replacement blades are a bit pricey and the hub should be sold separately also.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Jarvis, Mike

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