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Thread: *TOP* Telemaster 40 Kit Reviews

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    *TOP* Telemaster 40 Kit Reviews

    Telemaster 40
    This is truly a great flying airplane, my son and I have been flying our Telemaster for over 7 years now and we both fly all types of planes, but we always take the Telemaster with us. Ours has the optional flaps, powered by a K&B Sporster.45, and is a taildragger. The only modification I made was to use 2 servos for the airlerons instead of a single servo and linkage. This also allowed to make differential throws very easy to set-up. My son loves to fly 3D and will put this plane through maneuvers that you rarely see a plane like this perform. He will put it through consecutive loops and roles, very low, high speed passes over the run way, pulling up into a victory role. I prefer to cruise and just relax flying, I used it to master cross wind landings. We also like to try our skills with formation flying, I will fly the Telemaster and he will fly one his planes along side. The very stable nature of Telemaster makes it easy for him to join up with me as I fly straight and level. We get a lot of compliments about how nice the plane flys and we have also trained several novices.

    Don't let the fact that this is a total kit scare you. It is really easy to put together and does not require any special skills or exotic tools. Mine was put together with water based carpenter glue and epoxy and covered with an iron on covering. Just follow the instructions and keep it straight and aligned as best you can. You will be rewarded with a very stable and gentle flying airplane. You will surprised how it will build your skills and boost your confidence. It may not be a very pretty looking aircraft or very modern, but it flys like an airplane should. I love the way tail rises during the take-off run and rolls down the runway on the mains. Landings are very predicable, and touch and goes are pleasure. Give it a try you will be very pleased with the quality of the kit and the performance in the air.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Todro, Thomas

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    Re: *TOP* Telemaster 40 Kit Reviews

    UP UP and AWAY.
    I picked up my Telemaster 2nd hand at a near by hobby shop. It was wet powered and I had the hobby shop remove the glow 40 motor as this was going to be electric. I got her home and ordered a 4130/16 AXI motor and a 77 amp Jeti ESC from HLI. I made some small standoffs for the motor and installed the ESC. The convert was just that easy. It took all of about 20 mins. Next I made a battery tray in the belly of the plane by cutting out the bottom and putting an access hatch in. Next I fitted two 11.1 3000 Mah Lips packs. WOW! I still have loads of room. So I hinged the hatch and made it so I could operate it with a servo from my radio. It worked well on the bench.
    Off to the field with the wife. I had a large parachute 3 foot in diameter. I tied 3 tootsie roll pops to the chute to get my wife who loves them up off her chair and get the chute when I released it. I set the plane on the runway. Flaps down and pushed the throttle the power from the AXI was amazing and she jumped up in less than 15 feet. The climb was great she almost was going straight up. It climbed and climbed and climbed. I throttled back at probably a good 3/4 of mile out. Yelled to my wife to get ready to follow the chute. I opened the hatch and the chute appeared very small as did the plane up so high. I made big circles around the chute so I could keep my eye on it also. The Telemaster flew like a big trainer just going real slow the AXI and the Jeti esc never missed a beat. 10 mins and the chute had only moved to my left a little. The wife was walking down the runway following along. I figured I had better land soon. So I went around one more time then dove down to the tarmac. Heck I still had plenty of power. So I rolled the Telemaster after another low pass and went by full throttle inverted. I rolled out again and did a high speed turn. The Telemaster looked so cool in that tight powerful turn with its nose down and side slipping to line up the runway. A quick click on the flap switch and throttled back she lined up real nice and slowed to almost a crawl as I set her down. NICE... I taxied back to me and shut off the power switch. I looked around and could not see my wife or the parachute. I was just having to much fun flying the telemaster. We were on a closed airstrip that is on 600 acres and the strip is 2 miles long. I looked way down and could barely see my wife walking away. I yelled but she could not here me. So I waited she never came back. I packed everything in my truck and rode around to the end of the runway. There she was sitting on the ground covered in mud and them little burly things sucking on a Tootsie pop. She had the chte and looked a little upset. LOL, All I could do was laugh. This is all about fun and the Telemaster performed great and gave us a great day of fun. What more can you ask for. Keep up the great work HL
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rieco, David

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    Re: *TOP* Telemaster 40 Kit Reviews

    Telemaster 40
    The Telemaster 40 was my first RC kit that I built and learned to fly . That was in 1984, wow 26 years ago. I was stationed at Incirlik AB Turkey and there were a few folks flying RC on the other side of the runway and they said they would teach me. I ordered the kit from HLI and built it as a tricycle gear later to be be converted to tail dragger with flaps and bomb bay. I had so much fun learning to fly and once I did I had more fun playing with it doing all kinds of crazy stuff. In Turkey we could not buy fuel so we had to mix our own. The caster oil did make a mess. I've decided to get back into RC after a long absence and the first plane I thought of getting is another Telemaster 40. Disapointed the it's not available right now. As soon as it comes available again I'm for sure goint to order one. I agree with the other reviewers that this plane is very versitile and so much fun to fly.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Liljestrom, Greg

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    Re: *TOP* Telemaster 40 Kit Reviews

    Telemaster 40
    One of the MOST versatile Airplanes I fly. I use it as a student trainer,Bomber ( have installed a trap door in Bottom to drop Candy, tennis balls,paint balls, what ever) and we also use it to piggy back gliders. I have a 70 4 stroke on it. Can Idle it back for students or lift a big load. I fly about 20 different planes including P47 with a 120 4 stroke & 7 ft AT6 but the telemaster is the most fun and not challenging.
    Enjoy Larry
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by McLeod, Larry

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    Re: *TOP* Telemaster 40 Kit Reviews

    An Ex-RAF LANCASTER Pilot from WW2 taught me to fly a RADIO CONTROL New SUPER Sixty when i was about 12 years old. About 7 years later following enlisting into the RNZAF as an Aircraft Engineer I sustained a HEAD INJURY {OFF A MOTORCYCLE !! } . Model aircraft flying was eventually started again , alot of new problems {balance/co-ordination} emerged . My younger brother purchased a 72" TELEMASTER for me to get back into R/C flying . I began to get straight back into it ! ! The Telemaster was then as it will continue to be a REALLY SUPERBLY STABLE and FORGIVING Training AIRCRAFT. That younger brother of mine an accomplished Commercial PILOT told me a story : My brother was witnessing another R/C pilot with that same TELEMASTER Aircraft . This pilot said to my brother the aircraft appears to have lost all ELEVATOR Function and is responding in the Pitch AXIS through the use of throttle . Upon landing it was discovered that yes indeed it had lost Full ELEVATOR control , the pushrod ball joint {clevis} had come completely off . SO INDEED IT HAD LANDED Using only the OS 40 as a means to control the TELEMASTERs PITCH AXIS . The Super Sixty had only a 60" wingspan and i"m quite sure it"s horizontal tailplane would not have been such a good lifting tail surface aerofoil as i have found on the TELEMASTER !!
    by the way which AIRCRAFT would be the OLDER , the KEIL KRAFT SUPER 60 OR The TELEMASTER - That your firm ACCURATELY markets as ONE of the BEST R/C TRAINING AIRCRAFT EVER !!!!!!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by CASEY, CRAIG

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