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Thread: *DISC* TIGER MOTH 1:7 SCALE ARF Reviews

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    Great airplane w/ a couple of mods
    This is a great flying airplane and a good size for outdoor electric. I found that it flys better however with the CG set more nose heavy. Set more nose heavy, the plane recovers better from spins and is easier to land. The elevator and rudder are most effective, and the roll rate is scale like but not quick. Use about 30% expo on the tail surfaces and it's a stable predictable flyer. The other thing that is a minor inconvenience is that the cross braces of the gear prevent placing a large battery into the compartment. The rear landing gear straps need to be made to pivot so that the gear can be rotated forward so the large battery can be inserted. Otherwise the 3300 mah pack I use, will not slide into the compartment because the cross braces of the landing gear are in the way. After placing the battery, simply fold the gear back to it's original position and pivot your gear straps over the wire to hold it in place. I have not had any incidents with the gear in flight using this method. Flies slow and stable, looks great in the air.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Wehmueller, Jeff

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    Re: *DISC* TIGER MOTH 1:7 SCALE ARF Reviews

    Nice scale Moth
    Out of the box this is a very nice kit. What really grabbed my attention was the unique finish, not the usual yellow or occasional yellow/green or red/silver. As far as building, it goes together very straight forward and quickly. The most time consuming part is adding the flying wires which is optional but I think they make any Moth look 100% better. As stated in the earlier post, getting the pack in isn't all that easy. I used a TP 3S2P 4200mah Pro Lite pack which didn't require much effort to get in and out.
    With an Axi 2820/12 and 12x9 electric wood prop it had more than enough power, short take off was about 3 feet. It's nice to do slow and low fly bys in a tight radius to see the scale detail. Most of my flying time was about half throttle, I couldn't keep myself from an occasional full throttle fly by.
    One thing that would really improve this kit would be to have some flex in the main gear. It's very stiff so and imperfect landing or rough spot will get you back in the air again.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Lum, Clifton

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    Re: *DISC* TIGER MOTH 1:7 SCALE ARF Reviews

    RCM513-Tiger Moth Scale RC Model Airplane
    This model is manufactured for Hobby Lobby by Green Models and is very complete with a lot of quality workmanship. On the negative side, like most Green Models kits, for a die hard scale fan some of the details leave something to be desired. I threw away all of the wing struts, choosing to make my own to make the model more true to scale. The original struts are all manufactured from a sheet of 1/8" ply and detract from the good looks of the model and are really useful only to align the top wing to the fuselage. I also found that the rigging for the wings and tail control surfaces was much too "clunky" looking with the over use of large clevises. Replacing these few items made a big difference in the overall look of the model and it looks very scale, now.
    The Tiger Moth is a great flying model and doesn't seem to have any bad habits. The recommended motor is a good choice. The model is a bit on the heavy side, however, and all landings should be accomplished with some power on.
    Overall, I am very satisfied with this model and if scale details are not too important to you, it is an easy, fast building model.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Stuart, James

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    Re: *DISC* TIGER MOTH 1:7 SCALE ARF Reviews

    Tiger Moth
    Here's a secret I want to share with other Canadian RC modelers - even though Hobby Lobby ships all over the world, there is another easy way to get your fix. Hobby Lobby's service is excellent, but it's the Canadian Customs service that sometimes slows things down and frustrates me. Well, did you know that Hobby Lobby also supplies retail hobby stores? I essentially place my Hobby Lobby order at my local Hobby Store. They take care of getting the products, and I just go in, pay and pick up when it arrives. This way I'm a happy Hobby Lobby customer, and I support my local hobby store; a win-win situation for me.

    Anyway, I want to share my experience with the 1/7 Scale Tiger Moth RC Model Biplane. This is a very highly-detailed kit with lots of good hardware. It’s built of balsa and hardwood, is heat-shrink film covered, and is much more attractive than a foamy ARF. There is definitely more assembly required with this model compared to the average ARF model. The two wings mandate extra effort with the struts and rigging, and the scale-looking elevator and rudder linkages take time as well, but the finished product is well worth it. This model really looks like an accurate scale miniature of the real thing.

    I already had on hand an Axi 2826-10 motor, which is a little longer than the recommended power plant. Other than protruding a few extra millimeters, it worked very well.

    Some extra care is needed in takeoffs and landings, because the scale location of the wheels is fairly close to the center of gravity. Carefully holding up-elevator at the beginning of the takeoff-roll and after landing will prevent any nose-overs. The best part of this plane is that it is fun to fly. Turns are best performed with a mix of ailerons and rudder. It flies at a reasonable yet controllable speed, does lazy wide rolls, uneven loops, and looks every bit the part of an old air show plane while it flies. (Holy Waldo Pepper, Batman!)

    Another positive attribute of this model is its size. The model is quite a bit larger and more impressive than most ARF biplane models on the market, yet small enough that it will fit in the back of any minivan, or even car backseat, with its wings attached. One of our RC club members brings his to the field in the back of his 1980’s Camaro!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rogozinsky, Michael

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    Re: *DISC* TIGER MOTH 1:7 SCALE ARF Reviews

    Beautiful After a Frustrating Build
    Good news first: This is a beauty once assembled. However it should not be classified as an ARF, but rather a BARF (Barely Ready To Fly).
    I've built many an ARF and many a kit in my 60 years, but this one was one of the most poorly organized I've ever seen. It had a great parts list, with number bags and all, but then the actual bags had no numbers and the hardware was scattered around among them. I.e., the parts list was not accurate. The instructions were pretty bad, even for a Chinese translation. One section had me attaching the movable tail wheel to the Fin, rather than the rudder. Hardware, such as the tail wheel mounting bracket did not fit as shown. It turns out that you must cover one of the empennage mounting bolt holes with the bracket, which is not what the photo shows. I started documenting all the errors, but after a while, just decided to ignore them and build the plane as if it were a scratch build with the major sub-assemblies completed.
    I look forward to flying it soon and hope that its performance matches its good looks rather than its nerve-wracking construction.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Vistain, Kirk

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