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Thread: *DISC* Micro Spitfire RTF Reviews

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    *DISC* Micro Spitfire RTF Reviews

    Micro Spitfire
    Bought two of these they are great
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Mortimore, Randy

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    Re: *DISC* Micro Spitfire RTF Reviews

    Elevator doesn't work!
    I purchased this model a few weeks ago and was defective right out of the box! I put the supplied AA batteries in the transmitter, charged the lithium batteries, tested all controls and only the throttle and ailerons were functioning. The elevator motor buzzed but never moved the control surface. I separated the wing from the fuselage and found the elevator motor was out of its mount, the plastic mount was split and one of the wires had disconnected from the circuit board. I glued the motor back in place and re soldered the wire back in place and the elevator finally seemed to be working. Unfortunately, I found out after my first hand launch, that the elevator flutters above half throttle and took a nose dive! I never even had a chance to get one flight from the model! I've twice tried emailing Christina in the customer service department to return the model and have had no response. I also called twice, finally got through on the second call and was told I would receive a postage sticker to return the item sent to my email. But as of yet I haven't received anything. My recommendation: Don't but this model! Its not even worth the $60 on sale!
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by Lepper, Stephen

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    Re: *DISC* Micro Spitfire RTF Reviews

    $20 per second.
    I don't have very good luck with my Spitfire. On the first flight, after about 3 seconds, it started listing left, then lost power and skidded back in. It seems the small nut or ring that sits on the back of the prop shaft came off, and must have gotten into the elevator servo, because that doesn't work now either. I guess I will need to do some surgery now to open it up and see if I can fix things. I won't buy another one of this type, the quality of workmanship is just not good enough.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Jack O'Crash

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    Re: *DISC* Micro Spitfire RTF Reviews

    No good
    I got this small plane for my 9 year old brother, but even i with experience was unable to get it fly right. Any slight wind, or a breath will send it turning and fliping down to the ground. The engine is to weak to give a good power for some nice turns or flight. If the plane takes a small dive it is very difficult to recover it. The nouse peace where the Prop is gluid, it conects to the motor by a thin wire, 1-2 noce dives and this wire bends, thus making Prop rotetion uncentered--basicaly become uncontroloble in flight. In order to treighten the wire u have to pull it from the hold in the motor, this creates a problem as a tiny plastick peace that holds this wire in place fulls into the hull of the plaine, then it is difficult to get it out. And after u have streightened the wire, in order to reatach the Prop to the engine u will need to cut open the front part of fuselage and reglui it all back. Just to much hustle. At maybe a good plaine to fly in a closed fasilities, or over the snow or toll grass, so when it dives there is less demage. Not warth the $60 + $ 10 for delivery.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Hirnyy, Maksym

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    Re: *DISC* Micro Spitfire RTF Reviews

    awesome little plane
    Mine flew straight out of the box with no trim needed. I removed the landing gears because i fly over grass. Stock setup will work fine, but do yourselves a favor and get the OUTDOOR PROP. It's a MUST HAVE for this plane. With the outdoor prop it flies at 3/4 throttle as it would at 100% throttle with stock prop. With this setup it will also hang on the prop for a bit if you fly it straight up, but without rudder control it's difficult to keep it that way for too long. It can also do loops easily. When holding it lightly in my hand at 100% throttle and pointing up, it feels like it has a bit more than 1:1 thrust ratio.

    Some have complained about wind, but I'm not sure what they expected from a plane that weighs 30g all-up-weight. After the first couple of packs, i can now fly it in light wind for an entire pack (3-7mph constant or gusts) and I've only had experience flying helis.

    If the gear shaft bends from a nose dive, don't remove the prop to fix it! Just hold the nose of the plane firmly and brace the big gear with a finger so that it doesn't tilt too much, then grab the prop with the other hand and carefully, but firmly tilt it until the gear shaft is straight again. Voila!

    I would give it 5 stars, but the rudder motor popped out in a nose dive and i had to remove the wing and Rx board to get to it. Then i put a drop of glue on top after reinserting the motor. When removing any of the panels, use a blow dryer or a heat gun and carefully heat along contact surfaces, as they're held by double-sided tape. Don't heat too much or the foam bubbles get bigger.

    I ordered a bunch of 240mAh 20C batteries from Hong Kong with connectors to solder on. According to those who use this setup, the batteries can provide a lot more current than stock ones, so it makes the plane even more powerful. Can't wait to try it out.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by RV

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    Re: *DISC* Micro Spitfire RTF Reviews

    Failed out of the box
    This airplane did not respond to the remote control, and was returned.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Calicocat, Gabby

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    Re: *DISC* Micro Spitfire RTF Reviews

    I like it!
    For 59.99 it's a great little flyer. I recommend removing the landing gear, it doesn't hold up too well, and if you have some nice grass to land in you'll be fine without it. Aerobatics are not it's strong point, it can't really do loops and rolls, I've tried and they come out ugly! But bottom line is I still like flying it, and it has a great scale look in the air. Outdoor prop is absolute must.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Pionkowski, Chris

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    Re: *DISC* Micro Spitfire RTF Reviews

    Ulra Micro Spitfire Impressions
    Picked up one of these planes at SEFF this year at a great price. Flew it at the hotel during the evening and had a blast with it but it just didn't have the power I wanted with the stock prop. Picked up an outdoor prop after the event and had a challenging time changing the prop out. (Big hands with a micro plane didn't help.)

    With the outdoor prop the Spits a hoot to fly! Even though it's a three channel plane I'm having a blast flying it on light breeze evenings after work.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Sims, Don

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    Re: *DISC* Micro Spitfire RTF Reviews

    it's ok
    I bought the P-51 and the spitfire from hobbylobby at SEFF and both are good for flying around but none can do loops or rolls there is not enough power or control over the ailerons to do any aerobatics
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Madrigal, Daniel

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    Re: *DISC* Micro Spitfire RTF Reviews

    For $59 its a good deal but you do get what you pay for.
    Out of the box it flew OK but after a couple tweaks it flew GOOD. (with a motor upgrade maybe great?)

    1. extend the elevator control to 1 from the top hole on the horn. top hole is to much.
    2. extend the aileron control to the top hole on the horn and then use clear scotch tape and double the width of the ailerons. this makes for very controlled roles, sloppy snaps and much better over all response (not the best idea for beginners)
    3. tape the undercarriage, wing tips and tail tip for added strength. (crashes happen and the Styrofoam crushes and tears easy and a mild crash)
    4. cut off the top of the nose cowling and tape the edges and then reattach the cowling with some tape. (you will be hitting the prop on the ground a lot)
    5. tare off the landing gear and tape the spots for the gear to reinforce then reattach the gear with fresh double sided tape. (the Styrofoam tears very easy and the gear will pop off on you first rough landing, after this mod the gear have yet to come off and I have had a couple hard landings)
    6. replace the motor with a bigger one (I have yet to do this but the stock motor is weak and unable to provide enough thrust to do loops)

    All and all a fun little flyer and tougher than it looks and feels when handling.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Trask, Jason

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