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Thread: *DISC by HZN*F-27C Stryker RTF Reviews

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    *DISC by HZN*F-27C Stryker RTF Reviews

    Light the skys on fire
    Even though my purchase of the Parkzone Stryker F-27C was through my local hobby shop and not hobby-lobby I feel like it’s my duty to write a review. When I brought my F-27 home I was excited to open her up and do the very simple task of assembling the jet, some sticky tape and sliding on the elevons was all it took to have this beast ready for the skies. After about a 40min charge the included 11.1v lipo was fully charged. The stock radio had 2 different flying rates and both felt very balanced. “Beginner" mode was perfect for high speed low passes. The brushless pusher prop really screams a wide open throttle. “Sport" mode allows for increased elevon throw (or movement) and allowed for wicked snap rolls, high G loops. The included inrunner motor, 25amp speed control and 11.1v Lipo gives the stryker almost unlimited vertical climbs. This Jet would get a easy 5 stars, with the exception of the jet dose not have rudders, so landing in a cross wind hampers the low speed stability. There are rudder mods on if you are interested. 4 Stars.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Freebury, Dustin

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    Re: *DISC by HZN*F-27C Stryker RTF Reviews

    Wonderful airplane
    This jet-looking airplane will do incredible things, yet is easy to fly and lands slow. Lots of videos at
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Beckett, John

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    Re: *DISC by HZN*F-27C Stryker RTF Reviews

    awesome plane
    I did not buy from hobby lobby but my lhs had it so i bought it there. This thing is awesome, price is really steep so if you don't need to electronics just buy the body somewhere else. has a descent motor but if you really want it to scream upgrade. I put a 2900 kv in mine and it could climb forever. Fast and it handles beautifully. if u need the rtf get this, if u dont need the radio and all that just get the parts for it its a hell of alot cheaper.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Anderson, Kevin

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    Re: *DISC by HZN*F-27C Stryker RTF Reviews

    I have owned this plane for 4 years. Probably the best flying plane I own. It will go right side up, upside down, roll fast or slow, inside loops, outside loops, climb straight up , it glides with power off, it lands itself. If it weren't so fast it could almost be a beginner plane. I see this plane everywhere, I can understand why. It is not quite as fast as a Projeti but is a way more forgiving plane. My original 25amp speed control died after about 20 flights, I see it listed with a 30 now. No trouble with the servos, the charger still works. 5 stars
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by grenier, paul

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