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Thread: **TOP**Skylift Tandem Heli w/2.4 TX Reviews

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    **TOP**Skylift Tandem Heli w/2.4 TX Reviews

    Twister SkyLift, First Flight
    I just received my SkyLift Tandem Rotor. I also own a Brand W #38.

    I find the Blades on the SkyLift superior in installation a durance to the Brand W. The assembly of the SkyLift was not hard.

    I took the craft to my kitchen and worked on trimming the settings. I did not have the same issues of air turbulence with the Skylift as I did with the #38.

    The #38 has a tendency to chew up it's own blades. The SkyLift is superior in this regard. I does not have the same problem.

    When I took the SkyLift to the backyard the FlyBar came off several times. After about 2 minutes the Hub holding the FlyBar split and the craft was inoperable. The hub on top of the shaft is plastic. They should consider metal.

    I had ordered 8 sets of blades based on my experience with Brand W. It looks like that is not the weakest link. I have order 3 Hub/Shaft/Gear assemblies and they are backordered.

    The link to the Simulator Software does not have a USB interface for the cable that comes with the Helio. This was disappointing. The software will not run on a Vista machine either. I understand it is free, but it would be nice if it worked as advertised.

    My Twister SkyLift looks good on the shelf.
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by spurrier, mickey

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    Re: **TOP**Skylift Tandem Heli w/2.4 TX Reviews

    cool twin heli
    I've flown this a dozen times and never had problems with it. The two sets of motors use a lot of power, and the 3cell gets pretty warm but the warning light on the top tells you it's time to land. Some newer fliers might have problems landing well, as it's so thin through the body and wheel base, but on pavement I can get it to do a rolling landing on the wheels. nice heli, looks pretty good in the air, and flies well
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Nye, Jeff

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    Re: **TOP**Skylift Tandem Heli w/2.4 TX Reviews

    Great on Looks
    The Twister SkyLift looks and flies Great, however the battery gets excessively hot after each flight. Replacement with a new battery did not solve the issue. It pulls so much power from the small (expensive ) battery. Flight times are kept short so as to not damage the battery by running to low, though the low power light on top works pretty good. Have found the landing gear will not take too much abuse with harder than normal landings before breaking. This again is a great little chopper but it still needs (in my opinion) some more tweaking regarding the power/battery system. Had I had it to do all over again, I would not purchase this nice looking scale model of the Chinook. Bang for the buck was not there for me, however at a lower pricing and less expensive will only get better. Enjoy All!
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by Thomas, Steven

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    Re: **TOP**Skylift Tandem Heli w/2.4 TX Reviews

    If you like cool trucks, you will like a Twister Skylift

    Eye-catcher - A twister Skylfit may fly like a truck, but it always attracts attention.

    Readily available parts - Hobby Lobby and most local hobby shops stock the parts you might break because they are common to many single mast coaxial helicopters including the Twister Coast Guard.

    Adaptable - Any modification you can make to a Twister Army, you can try with a Skylift - Shorter flybars, stronger motors, motor heat sinks, aluminum bearing holders, extended inner shafts, and a stronger battery will enhance the performance of your Skylift.

    Lift to spare - It has the lift of 2 Twister Army helicopters put together, but weighs 2.5 ounces less than the pair of them, so put its extra lift to use and strap a small video camera to it. The view is cool.

    2.4 GHz radio - Ever get hit by a rotor because of 72 MHz radio interference as you were preparing to take off? It hurts. That does not happen when you use a 2.4 GHz radio.


    Needs navigation lights and a channel with which to control them.

    Handles like a truck. If you try to fly it like a sports car, you will crash.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Roach, John

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