Free Air Alca L-159
The Alca L-159 pusher seems to "hide" on HL. It's not listed under the jets section, but I knew about it and HL search engine found it. Anyway, pretty good jet. The instructions are only in Czech. I had to guess with the help on an on-line Czech translator where the CG went (25mm behind the leading edge of the wing). There are plenty of pictures, though, and if you've ever built a plane before you'll get it figured out. I cut a hole in the front of the plane for the battery as I hate to Velcro batteries to the side of a plane. Flight was fairly, but is for experienced pilots only. I did not use the HL-recommended power set, but chose one that was close in KV, power, and weight. There was plenty of power, but the ESC hit the battery cut-off after about 3 minutes - unfortunately as I was headed straight up - and it sank like a rock and nosed in despite my best efforts to pull it up. But the EPP glued right back together. All in all a fun plane and I am thinking about getting the Mig-21.
I give this product 3 stars. Review by Canfield, Donald