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    "V-Diamond" - slightly "hopped up"
    I bought this model with the specific idea of going FAST without having to resort to a flying wing or a model with no landing gear or retracts. I powered it with an AXI 2808/20 (1490 KV) in place of the recommended AXI 2212/20 (1150 KV), on a 3-cell LiPo pack, and turning the recommended APC 8-8E prop. I discovered that at the rpm the 2808/20 was trying to turn that prop, the wide open throttle current draw was over 40 amps! After some thought, I changed to an APC 8-8 "regular" ("gas") prop, figuring that at that rpm the "gas" prop was designed to be more efficient and less load than the "E" prop. The wide-open throttle load dropped into the low 30 amps somewhere, and the model flew very well. I was a bit disappointed in the speed, however, as my "eyeball" estimate was something in the 90+ mph range, whereas I had been shooting for and, based on the numbers, expecting something approaching 120 mph. I then decided that the somewhat "fat" foam wheels that came with the model were too draggy, and so I replaced them with some old streamlined solid rubber ones. That seemed to add about 5 mph or so to the top speed - approaching 100 mph, but still well short of my target of 120. I have since decided that the somewhat draggy trike gear is preventing the motor and prop from unloading completely, and without retracts, that's going to be about it. Still fast enough to be "interesting"!
    Positives - Nice flying model. It tracts well and is not at all speed sensitive. Pretty easy to assemble. Good overall quality.
    Negatives - The main landing gear struts are a bit weak. Landing this model is a bit tricky and after almost every "muffed" landing, I had to straighten the struts quite a bit. I also managed to break the kind of weak nosegear mount. I eventually replaced the main gear struts with some homemade ones one wire size larger, and "beefed up" the nosegear mounting former. Also, when landing, the aileron control tends to go away near the stall, and then it's difficult to keep the model from veering off line or dropping a wing. I eventually added twin rudders to the model, placing the servo in the wing to avoid making it tailheavy. Now it tracks much better after takeoff and when landing. It even does really nice snap rolls! Also, the visibility for orientation in bright sunlight can be a problem as there is very little difference in the color scheme from top to bottom. I ended up painting the bottoms (only) of the outer wing panels with some red Krylon Fusion spray paint - much better for orientation now!
    Would I recommend this model? Absolutely! If you stay with the recommended equipment, you will end up with an entertaining, maybe 75-80 mph model. If you choose to "hop it up" a bit, it WILL go a bit faster and still fly well! Either way, a nice fast sport model!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Walker, Kermit

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    v diamond never took off from grass
    interesting design and nice looking, unfortunately i can only say that mine refused to take off from grass even with over 300 watts pushing it. the nosewheel setup is also a bit weak and the booms can easily break in event of a prank or bum take off. however i passed it onto a friend and he bungee launched it successfully. i have also had this problem with other pusher jets like my new bd5 and edfs
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by birbeck, douglas

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    V-Diamond ARF
    My eZone Review:

    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Llewellyn, Mike

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    V-Diamond Review
    The V-Diamond is a very attractive plane with the 3 tone colors. My eZone stickers fit right in as well! It is easy to assemble and requires minimal set up time. Power and performance are simply stellar. It is a FAST airplane and it goes exactly where you point it. Just what you would expect from its sleek jet appearance.

    Excellent looks
    Quick and smooth flight performance
    Fast assembly
    Complete hardware kit

    Overall hardware quality
    Collars easily stripped
    Included threaded wire did not properly secure the clevis
    The Hobby Lobby V-Diamond is priced right and the recommended power system yields a very fast airplane. This plane should also be well suited to EDF conversion for those who would like the cool factor that would add.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Llewellyn, Mike

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