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Thread: "THUNDERBIRD DF" ARF Reviews

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    Great DF for the money and a good intro to deltas and how they fly.
    When I saw this aircraft, I recognized the lines as an updated pusher jet from when I first started RC so I had to buy it. I was very happy with the choice. Construction is solid for foam and with the covering in place, it is fairly resilient for those dumb thumb moments.

    Flight characteristics are very good. Typical Delta with nice stable low speed/high alpha and good acceleration to high speed. High speed is good for an aircraft of this size and stability and even though not the fastest, the sound of the ducted fan is so nice as it dopplers by you.

    The provided motor/fan unit gives good to very good performance for the price. If you are daring and careful, try a 4 cell ESC and control yourself, the boost is impressive just don't get too carried away as most of us are by a ducted fan. Keep the speed bursts short and you'll have a great time. With just the 3 cell setup, you will tend to fly full out all the time.

    I would stay with at least an intermediate level of skill on this craft however. Wings tend to bleed alot of energy in turns and a novice might accelerated stall it in. It does not play well with that type of stall! Normal stalls are not bad however breaking into a mushy drop and only dropping the nose through under very high alpha stalls.

    You'll enjoy this one for just fun flying and "jetting around the park".
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Frey, Glenn

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    Re: "THUNDERBIRD DF" ARF Reviews

    thunderbird / firebird
    i had the firebird, which is the same plane but comes with a motor and esc, and it was excellent. a lot of hand launched edfs can be minimal on take off but this always launched perfectly (except one bum launch early on in it's like, easily repairable). flies very nicely on about 250 watts and rolls are fast. i used it as an edf trainer and it fulfilled that role very well. lovely plane, unfortunately mind decided it was time expired this year and dove into the gound on it's first flight
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by birbeck, douglas

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    Re: "THUNDERBIRD DF" ARF Reviews

    Thunderbird EDF ARF Jet
    My eZone Review:
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Llewellyn, Mike

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    Re: "THUNDERBIRD DF" ARF Reviews

    An awesome fun and fast plane. Was my first plane with ailerons. Easy to fly if trimmed, but crashed on the maiden because flying a intermediate plane out of trim was out of my league. Now all is good and a really fun plane.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by benton, jack

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    Re: "THUNDERBIRD DF" ARF Reviews

    Thunderbird Review
    The Hobby Lobby Thunderbird assembles in a couple of hours - a true ARF - simply add the wing tips, stabilizers and servos and fly! It was very easy to assemble and the end result is a fine looking plane. The Thunderbird is a great flight performer. It really moves along quickly. The sound of the EDF fan screaming was amazing. I had a blast with this model.

    Great looks
    Lightning fast assembly time
    Flies great on the included brushless motor and fan
    Full hardware package
    Value priced

    Pilot and canopy paint was a bit rustic
    The Thunderbird ARF EDF is a great flyer. Nothing beats the sound of a screaming EDF
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Llewellyn, Mike

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    Re: "THUNDERBIRD DF" ARF Reviews

    First EDF
    I do not say this about many airplanes, but this plane was a blast. I first saw this plane at SEFF 2006. After seeing it, I decided I wanted to give EDFs a try. I bought this plane a few months later and had a blast with it.

    The assembly of this airplane was extremely easy. You have to glue the 2 wing halves to the fuselage and glue the 2 vertical stabs to the fuselage. Once the glue dried, it was virtually complete. You still need to put the edf unit together and screw it into place, but that is a cinch.

    Flying - this plane performs great and is a wonderful introduction to the world of EDFs. Half throttle and a straight and level toss allows the Thunderbird to take to the air. You can fly fast or slow. The plane handles well regardless of throttle input. Keep in mind that at slower speeds, you need more control input on the elevons. You do not have the typical prop wash over the control surfaces, which results in less authority.

    The high density foam is very forgiving in a crash. It is not immune to a crash, but is very forgiving. Repairs are fairly simple as well.

    This plane is excellent and a great addition to any hangar.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Karlan, Bryan

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    Re: "THUNDERBIRD DF" ARF Reviews

    Very Fun Plane
    Make sure you do the 3-blade mad and tighten the fan blade tight. I didn't and the fan spun right off the shaft and out the front of the plane. Once I had the fan re-secured and got her launched, plane flew beautifully. It's not the fastest plane out there, but moves pretty well. The best part of this plane is that it is very stable. You point in the direction you want it to go and it stays there. For the price, this plane is amazing! And it's tough; I was doing a low pass and caught a downdraft which slammed the plane into the ground. It bounced and kept right on flying! One of my favorite planes to fly.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Dornbush, Justin

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    Re: "THUNDERBIRD DF" ARF Reviews

    Great Little Plane
    This a a great little plane, one of my favorites to fly. Make sure you do the 3-blade mod and tighten down the prop! I forgot and it spun right off the motor shaft. Once I got it secured, plane flew great! Not super fast, but quick enough and very very stable. It goes wherever you point it with no complaints. Does great scale aerobatics and rolls very quick. Worth the price by far!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Dornbush, Justin

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    Re: "THUNDERBIRD DF" ARF Reviews

    I had a T-Bird but crashed it so I'm buying another because it was so much fun. It was one of my all time favorites and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a fast, fun, great flying EDF.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Asbury, Ron

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    Re: "THUNDERBIRD DF" ARF Reviews

    If I buy this JET what do I need?
    If I buy this JET what do I need,this JET is Almost-Ready-To-Fly (ARF).
    I just need radio system is that right?? or need more ?
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by lu, xiongdi

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