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Thread: "SUPER ZOOM" 4D EPP ARF, RED Reviews

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    "SUPER ZOOM" 4D EPP ARF, RED Reviews

    Zooming FUN
    The Super Zoom is a good looking, easy to assemble foamy ARF.
    It was easy to put together and a real blast to fly !
    It is a good 3D machine and a great / fast and very agile sport / fun fly plane.
    It is a very tough plane that can take a real beating for sure. I would definitely buy
    another one and would recommend it to others.
    Happy Flying ! Rod
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Maier, Rod

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    Re: "SUPER ZOOM" 4D EPP ARF, RED Reviews

    Super Zoom
    Guaranteed success with this ship. It is easy to build and maintain. But flying performance is where it excels.

    I have never flown a more solid, smooth handling airplane in over 35 years of R/ include .60 pattern ships, etc etc

    You WILL learn to fly all the 3-D maneuvers. Start 2 mistakes high then bring it on down.

    Have fun....
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Banko, Loren

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    Re: "SUPER ZOOM" 4D EPP ARF, RED Reviews

    very strong foam, Im planing on buying very good with bp motors. and esky 9g digital servos
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Mattox, Danny

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    Re: "SUPER ZOOM" 4D EPP ARF, RED Reviews

    Awesome plane!
    I bought this awesome performing plane about a year ago and it is just a great all around flier that is VERY durable. This airplane has taught me pretty much all the 3D stuff I know today, and due to the fact that it is super
    durable I felt a lot more comfortable doing these maneuvers lower and lower to the ground. It is really just a great all-around 3D or park-pattern flyer, but with any plane there are SOME minuses. Some of the pluses are: amazingly durable EPP airframe, that is fixed instantly with CA and kicker(great for beginner) , awesome color scheme , good rudder hinging system , high quality hardware, high quality wood components , ease of assembly.
    Minuses: fuselage needed some stiffening to prevent tail from flexing, supplied metal rods for wing stiffeners were not stout enough for hard 3D flying, and thats all.

    overall it is really good, I would definitely recommend it to someone who wants to get into 3D, or even to someone who is looking for their first aileron equipped airplane.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by huerta, matt

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