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    I put this motor in a 33" flying wing with a 6x4 prop and was very impressed, I would swear that my wing goes 80 mph. It only draws about 12 amps at full throttle with a 3s. You cannot beat the power for the weight, I have looked. I really want to try 4s!. The looks are nothing too exciting, just chrome and aluminum. I would defiantly give this a 5 star rating. I don't think you can find a better motor for the application it is designed for.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Poncelet, Nick

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    Super Park Jet
    Purchased this motor last year. Delivered to the UK. the postage costs far outweighed the price of the motor but it suited my needs for mounting and stated performance.

    The motor is without doubt very powerful and provided enough grunt to power my MPX Pico Jet superbly.

    Purchased the motor again this year along with the Park Jet motor which is a tad smaller but the kv rating is higher.

    This particular Super Park Jet motor is noisy..very noisy.

    An email to Little screamers for advice was not replied to for weeks then after providing ESC settings to them no further reply has been forwarded.

    I've since inspected the motor and the rotor is out of shape. Further inspection shows that the manufacturing is not that good for the price. Although very cool to look at and performance is good for the motor size. The quality is less than what I expected.

    I was originally a fan of the motors but now I will certainly side step them and use another manufacturer closer to home.
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by Starling, Noel

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    I've had 3 and would go back for more.
    I'm using them on flat depron F-22 park jets with 3s Lipos and 7X5 APCe props. The planes all-up-weight, with Thunder Power 15c 2100 is 13.5 ounces, and the Super Park Jet pushes that plane vertical from a hand launch as far as I can see (BTW- I fly at 4500 ft. above sea level). I do think that is pretty much the limit of the power system designed around that motor because I've burned up one motor running too hard for too long. Some throttle management is needed on my setup. Another was damaged due to a prop strike as the motor shaft is fairly narrow and the case is light weight. However, they are well engineered for my purposes as they are very light and super fast, just not rugged. The lightest and fastest stuff is rarely rugged. My ESC's have all been Castle Phoenix 25 amp, and they seem to work fine together, once I tuned the programming.

    Good Flying All.

    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Bliesner, Aaron

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