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Thread: "MISS 2" ARF ALL-WOOD MODEL Reviews

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    Miss 2
    Great plane. Much more durable than it looks. I flew mine for over 5 years and went through 4 motor systems, two speed 480's, one cobalt, and the Axi brushless. It survived two uncontrolled landings when I burned out two ESC's. Both times it landed on asphalt with no damage. I finally killed it pulling out from power dives - 5 at full throttle - the wing snapped at the root on pull out. I replaced it with a Super Miss flying a Phasor 15-4. Same airplane with ailerons.

    An excellent choice when you are ready to graduate from Foamies.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Massopust, Jim

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    Re: "MISS 2" ARF ALL-WOOD MODEL Reviews

    Nice aircraft
    I fly this plane a lot. I did have trouble getting the CG right with a LiPo (too light in the nose), so I went with a NiMH 8-cell pack (less $) and it flies great for greater than 10 minutes. It's a very gentle flyer and I noticed it had almost glider like tendencies. So, for fun, I cut the wing in half and stuck a 1 foot extension in the middle of the wing (span now 66"). Now, I can thermal!

    Definitely a great airplane out of the box (even w/o my mods)!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Kayser, Vince

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    Re: "MISS 2" ARF ALL-WOOD MODEL Reviews

    Easy flier Miss 2
    This is a wonderful airplane. It is easy to put together and to fly. It will fly by itself almost. I use an Altas34 turn bushless motor and a 2200mah lipo battery. On a warm day, it will fly for an hour with two or three landings and take offs. Miss 2 is hard to land sometimes because she doesn't want to, she wants to keep flying. The only mishap I had with her is a collision with a utility pole, broke a wing tip off and smashed the motor support. Only took a couple of hours to repair it and she was ready to fly again. This is one easy and gentle flying airplane, Definitely an excellent choice for a beginner. She isn't the prettiest airplane but she is my favorite to fly. Enjoy!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Cyliax, Jim

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    Re: "MISS 2" ARF ALL-WOOD MODEL Reviews

    Five year report
    For the last 5 years all my students have had their first flights on the Miss 2.This little work horse has lived through a full power dive into 2' grass,landing in trees and bushes and too many other beginner mishaps to list.I pulled her out this weekend for her first refit so far and have to say she still has a lot going for her.After all the abuse over the years it was time for a recovering job and a motor replacement.After the covering was removed I found only 2 cross pieces in the fuse in need of replacement-every thing else was fine!If you are looking for a good entry level trainer or just a good way to relax you can't beat this airplane.I take her on every camping trip and just about every trip to the club field in case somebody wants some time on the buddy box.I've lost count but I think that at least 35 students have learned the basics on the Miss and after this rehab she may see 35 more.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by pattison, scott

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    Re: "MISS 2" ARF ALL-WOOD MODEL Reviews

    Best Beginner Aircraft!
    This is the best beginner aircraft I have ever flown. Its gentle flight characteristics give newcomers plenty of time to react.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Groden, Mark

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    Re: "MISS 2" ARF ALL-WOOD MODEL Reviews

    (Super) Miss 2
    This plane went together very easily and is a docile flying machine which loves catching thermals, allowing for flights from 10 to 15 minutes if power is conserved. Due to it's large size and bright yellow covering, it is very easy on the eyes, making it perfect for the beginner or well-seasoned pilot who enjoys long relaxing flights.

    If you decide to make upgrades, I recommend purchasing the Super Miss Wing separately from HL. After adding a servo, it mounts right onto the Miss 2 fuselage and Viola! You now have a wing with ailerons and a small amount of dihedral giving the more experienced pilot a lot more action while still being a relatively gentle flier at half the cost of purchasing a new aircraft.

    Overall, you can't beat the deal HL offers on this beauty. Graceful trainer to fully aerobatic in a matter of moments. This plane is must have for the hanger and comes highly recommended by this user.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Johnson, Michael

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    Re: "MISS 2" ARF ALL-WOOD MODEL Reviews

    Awesome Aircraft
    I have flown this aircraft for quite some time and have to rave about its positive characteristics. The airplane flies on nearly no power and has the capability to fly nearly forever. Many newcomers have flown my aircraft and have found it to be very easy to learn on, it comes in very slow and is nearly impossible to stall. Great airplane!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Groden, Mark

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    Re: "MISS 2" ARF ALL-WOOD MODEL Reviews

    Miss 2 All Wood ARF
    Hits: Easy build, old timer look, slow flying, long flights with recommended power system by HL

    Misses: Stiff hinges, questionable balsa strength at center line of wing, tail heavy, no replacement parts

    Straight up - this is one of my favorite planes to fly.

    The build was very easy. Instructions were ok. The included hinges are very stiff therefore requiring additional bracing for the push rods so they do not flex too much. I was not comfortable with the strength of the balsa at the center line ribs and the fact only a dowel was called for to brace/attach the two wing panels. I trimmed the covering at the bottom of each panel so I could glue nylon tape as additional re-enforcement.

    The plane is tail heavy. I had to add about 1 ounce of lead weight to the nose area to get it to be slightly nose heavy. This does not impact flight performance but I still think it is a lot of weight.

    This plane is a floater. It can be taken off from short grass but I tend to hand launch it. Flights of over 20 minutes are normal for me. I like to fly it at half to quarter throttle.

    It is as easy to fly as a Wingo. I believe any beginner with some simulator time prior to launch could easily have success with this plane.

    I highly recommend this plane for anyone's hanger.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Salmon, Jim

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    Re: "MISS 2" ARF ALL-WOOD MODEL Reviews

    Gentle Flyer
    Miss2 is a gentle forgiving airplane that is great for learning RC basics. I use my Miss2 with the Flycamone2. The stable flight platform of the Miss2 allows me to get great video and pictures. The build is easy and the suggested setup will allow you to fly this bird straight up or float around for 30 minutes or more. The quality of the materials could be improved a bit, covering and structure, but it is a good plane and a good value.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Hawk, Richard

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    Re: "MISS 2" ARF ALL-WOOD MODEL Reviews

    Balancing act
    A friend inherited this plane partially built and gave it to me. I broke it apart and put it back together straight and also had trouble balancing it. I wanted to use 8 cell 1800's so I put about 4" of velcro on the belly starting at the landing gear wire and going back. The other half of the 4" velcro is on the battery pack (power wire end to tail) and a small hole in the belly behind the battery for the wire. Now the canopy is clear taped on and the wing can stay on. Balance is infinitely adjustable and changing batteries is a snap. The red battery matches the tail and looks like a little auxiliary fuel tank. It looks fine and the low c of g makes it fly great. It is more than strong enough to hold the battery on. This is the only plane I have ever flown, and have only flown it 4 times!! I'm totally hooked on the sport, It's a great plane, but what do I know.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by King, Tim

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