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Thread: "SOAR JET" ARF Reviews

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    "SOAR JET" ARF Reviews

    I like this Jet/Glider
    This was an easy ARF to put together w/o and major challenges. I fly this with the recommended outrunner and a 3S 2100 mAh LiPo pack and it flies great! On the first flight, the person launching for me didn't toss quite strong enough and it stalled and crashed. The tail surfaces broke off so I decided to rebuild with a V-tail (less likely to catch on the grass if the next toss didn't go well). Flies great!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Kayser, Vince

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    Re: "SOAR JET" ARF Reviews

    Mystery Airplane review
    The day was perfect for flying, the anticipation was stirring inside. I knew this first flight was going to be great. After assembly, which was a breeze, I tested all functions and started down the runway. Ground control for this style plane is very stable and tracks an amazing straight takeoff. Easing up on the throttle the wine of the motor filled my ears with the sound of power. Since I had plenty of room I really turned up the throttle and let the plane take off all by itself. I knew then just how stable the flight would be. Pictures of being inside the plane rushed through my mind. The size of the plane makes for great control and smooth handling. After flying for 10-12 minutes I decided to land and made my approach. just like the takeoff the landing was effortless. Stable, and straight the touchdown was so easy. I felt like a real commercial pilot.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Layman, Chris

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    Re: "SOAR JET" ARF Reviews

    Jet Sailplane
    Great Kit...Easy to finish....
    Lots of fun ..I use a PQ1800mah battery..and get 10-15 mins. on it...

    I have only flown it a couple of times but still like it a lot for its easy launches and landings..
    Don't have to worry about the prop on those "not perfect" landings

    would recommend it for any type flyer..nice start for the pilot that's just starting out for ailerons...

    ck out the pics of mine in the NEW discussion forums..!!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Manning, Joseph

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