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Thread: "MIG-29 FULCRUM" EPP ARF Reviews

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    "MIG-29 FULCRUM" EPP ARF Reviews

    MIG-29 Fulcrum EPP ARF Pusher Jet
    Bought this model back in mid winter. It was a whim to see how well and easy these type models would fly outside since its really an in-doors flyer.

    The kit is very complete for an ARF . The instruction sheet is very informative and it really builds very easy. I think the hardest part of this model is to figure out how far forward to place the 1200 MAH battery so as to get it to fly correctly. The construction is straight forward and the plane is a blast to fly. The only thing to remember is to make 100% sure that you set your elevons so that the connections are right, and that the surfaces move in the right direction according to you transmitter instructions. I actually had the elevators reversed and couldn't understand why the plane kept diving into the ground....OOps!!! Once I looked at the programming and figured out that the controls were reversed, corrected them, the plane really is fun to fly. It fits easily in the trunk, back seat or where ever you carry you aircraft to transport it to the flying field, and is ready to fly in the time it takes to install the battery, turn on your transmitter and fly.

    This is definitely a 4 star model and I can't wait to get some of the others that Hobby-Lobby sells with the pusher prop.

    Like Jason Cole says " We are having too much fun," and I agree 100%.

    Equipment used:
    Motor, esc, battery and servos, as recommended by HL
    Radio, DX6, AR6000 receiver

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    Re: "MIG-29 FULCRUM" EPP ARF Reviews

    Instructions.....Yeah Right
    The assembly instructions for this bird are pathetic. You would think someone would at least hire a proof reader for the translation issues. I'm not at all impressed with this ARF for 178 USD. Just another cheap product from China that USA markets as a Great deal. Stay clear of this one folks.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Westra, Jay

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