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    freeair mig 21
    i bought this because it is a unique model, although now of course het rc are doing a mig 21. it's quite small and very light. building is pretty straightforwards but the instructions say nothing about where to put the electrics and there's nothing in the way of a battery hatch designed in etc. i've only tried flying mine once in very gentle wind and it hated even that. i'm pretty disappointed with it, although these planes fly nicely in the hl video. i'm gonna have to revisit mine with a little jetscreamsers motor
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by birbeck, douglas

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    Flew great - 3 times
    Flew great for 3 flights...

    On 3rd flight, a control arm/link for the right elevator came off(these are pre-installed when you get the plane). This caused the elevator to make the plane roll, because only one of the two sides was now working. Plane spun to it's death.

    The control arms are only glued on, they do not go all the way through and 'latch' to another piece of plastic all the way through the control surface... they are simply glued on and they didn't hold up well at all. I was flying mostly level and was not doing any high-g stunts.

    Disappointing :(

    It did fly nice, and if you do get this jet, make sure to sturdy up the control arms!
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by Battaglia, Thomas

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