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    Exciting flying!
    We got a bunch of these for our club - the build is very easy and straightforward.
    We tried the ducted fan but it really zips around a lot better with a prop setup. We are using a 180 watt 2150kv motor - APC 6x5.5 propeller. It is a bit of an amp hog so we use a 3s 2100 lipo to get 6-7 minute flights - we like to open up the throttle. The hand launch is good with about 60-70% power - then full power and it goes upstairs in a hurry! It is very sensitive in the roll axis so you may have to decrease the aileron throw and add about 25% exponential. Leave the elevator at full throw since you will need it for landing. I wouldn't say it lands slowly - you need to keep the speed up a bit to prevent tip stalling.
    Our experience is that this is a fun but challenging plane to fly - if you G it up too much without enough speed, it will flip right over and head straight for the ground. Because of this and the sensitive roll axis, I would say the skill level is advanced. Once you get the hang of it though, it is very exciting to fly - especially in a Lynx race!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Tensfeldt, Jon

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    This plane stands up to its name (Lynx)
    I purchased this plane last summer and am now on the second one. This little ducted fan jet certainly has the right name, (Lynx). It comes pretty well packaged and with all the hardware needed to complete.
    You do have to purchase the ducted fan, motor, battery, Bec and servos to finish it for flying. It goes together easily if you've built kits before and I almost always use 5 minute epoxy on foam for construction. This is of course only a preference because foam safe CA works just as well. The only part of this little plane that was a bit of a challenge was taking the servo plug off and adding another length of servo wire so as to get the elevator wires long enough to fit into the fuselage. Fitting the bec into the fuselage is a bit of a challenge also because some foam cutting needs to be done in order to get it, the receiver and the battery to fit into the canopy area. Everthing does fit but it is tight and can be a little frustrating if you don't plan it first. Once you have the fuselage completed its time to put the fan assembly together. This is pretty straight forward and fits the plane very well. Attach with epoxy, connect to the bec and check all surfaces for correct movement.
    Charge your battery adjust all surfaces for neutral and your ready to fly.
    This little (Lynx), leaps into the air and is a pure joy to fly. It rolls very quickly so be careful not to roll it into the ground. It is very responsive and will get smaller really quick, if this happens put the plane in a shallow climb to determine it orientation, turn and fly back to your location. When ready to land slow down, but not too much, make your final turn and start your glide keeping the throttle such that the plane doesn't drop too soon. It will glide in very smooth and lands straight away.

    This plane is not for the beginner, but once you learn to fly with aileron and elevator this plane is a breeze to fly. You will enjoy this plane very much, and will want to fly it every chance you get.

    Oh, by the way the reason I'm on (Lynx) number 2, is because when landing the first one, while on turn for final, I let it drift away from me to far and it met a fence. I was too slow on the throttle and watched the fence peel the fuselage into two pieces, nock the ducted fan off and turn the wings to foam beads and many small pieces that would be impossible to fix. I just had to buy another one and am very impressed with it performance. So have fun and stay away from fences...

    Equipment used: 72Mhz radio and receiver, 1200mah 3cell lipo, 25amp bec, Hs55 servos
    HL's recommended ducted fan and accessories, motor ETH5512 instead
    the jet screamer outrunner.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rick, George

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    I purchased this plane about a year ago or so. The kit is very straight forward and comes packed pretty well. You do have to purchase the ducted fan, motor, battery, servos, bec and motor in order to complete the plane. The instructions are very easy to follow and are very complete. The challenges with this plane were cutting and adding to the elevator servo wire and making all the parts fit in the fuselage. However once completed this little "Lynx" flies very well and is a complete blast to fly. Once you get past the elevator extension and cramming all the parts into the canopy area it is really a great flier. It is very responsive and quick as well as a very stable airplane. You do have to keep if fairly close because it can get smaller really quick, and if it does you should go into a climb, slow down and determine what the orientation is, turn back to your location and slow down a bit. The name "Lynx" is really a good name for this plane because it is small and very quick. It fits very well in the trunk or back seat of your vehicle and would be a great plane to have handy on those days you go out to lunch and would like to fly for about 10-15 minutes . Great for those lunch breaks and has plenty of speed to keep you on your toes.

    Eveyrone should have one to fly and will more than likely purchase more than one just to have on hand..
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Rick, George

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    great plane
    this is a fun plane...
    i currently working on a budget speed setup on it, and it is slowly getting to where i want it to be

    the only thing to watch out for is that it flies like a delta wing and like to dip the nose in turns but other than that it handles flawlessly even in 10+ mph winds
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by strong, alec

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    Lynx XF EDF RC Jet
    What can I say about the Lynx?? I decided when I bought mine that I was going to skip the EDF and go straight to a prop pusher! Running a Mega 16/3/2 on a 5.5X4.75 on 3S 2200's the Lynx is a ROCKET!! I would have to estimate speeds at or about 100 MPH!! Really a great airframe...slows down nicely and looks great in the air! If you have the need for speed...get yourself a Lynk!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Berry, Ben

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    Duct or pusher, too much fun to miss
    I flew one of these as a ducted fan for several months before dumb thumbs made it say goodbye. Well I had to buy another but needed the ducted fan for another project. Lynx-2 is a pusher with a cheap 3500Kv running a 4.5X4.5 prop. I have to recommend anyone buying this for speed do a pusher, not the fan! We know they are more efficient than a duct and while they may not sound as cool, I'm pushing 102 mph on the radar gun with the 5X5 prop but usually take it easy at 90+ on the other prop. That way I get more airtime and still an adrenaline rush.
    Some points I have observed are 1. don't bother with flaperons or airbrakes, the ailerons are too small to matter that much for landing speed and the elevator becomes less effective. 2. buy an extra motor stick longer than the original and play with the CG using a nice sized lipo (2000mAH) That way you can keep it balanced even a bit heavy. It lands hot like this but that is how it flys. and 3- make sure you have lots of grass for landing, the wheat field is getting a bit long so I'm force into a rough grass filed for landing. Tape the bottom so it doesn't get sanded off!
    Great plane, great price and great fun, just stay alert, at those speeds, it can be unforgiving!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by G.D.Frey

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    Da Lynx
    Fun Fun Fun Fun and fast. This is almost more fun that the f-18 red viper I bought from you, very easy build very fast build, and wow is it tough I've rolled it across the flying field picked it up and flew it again, this time landing with the engine running don''t forget you do not want to land with a dead stick, just a little bit of engine and let it sink. Let me get off of this and go back out and fly. This is a must have for and ducted fan buyer
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Pitts, Brent

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    Great model but better as a pusher than EDF
    The Lynx is a great flying model but as a pusher instead of EDF. I have been radared at over 120mph on 4S with a 3000 KV motor in a pusher setup with no additional structural mods made to the aircraft. To fly at higher speeds you do need to hog out a lot of foam and it is best to do that before gluing the fuselage halves together. You also may need to sand the two tail boom to make then fit the wing better. One thing to watch out on flying is that the elevator gets blocked out by the fuselage when landing. So what you need to do is glide it in with the nose level then when you get about 4 feet off the ground start pulling up elevator, the nose will come up and the model will settle on the grass. If you do it too soon or try to fly nose high on landing the fuselage and wing blanket the elevator and you loose elevator authority, the nose starts to drop but by then you have used all full up and you will land hard. Also the small span means low aileron throws are required. On my fast setups I used half the aileron throw in the manual but used all the elevator throw recommended. The CG can be flown much more forward than stated if you are using big lipos.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by slusarczyk, don

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    Fun plane to fly
    I have had one of these for a couple of years and I enjoy flying it. It goes fast when you want it to go fast and slow when you need it to go slow. Easily hand launched.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Gallo, Martin

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    Anyone know where a person might be able to by a Lynx? My dad destroyed his the other day and would like it replaced.


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