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Thread: "LAMA V4" RTF CO-AX HELI, BLUE Reviews

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    "LAMA V4" RTF CO-AX HELI, BLUE Reviews

    Esky Lama V4 RTF ,Great for beginners to start with,Or , Hours of fun for the
    This is a GREAT TRAINING Heli for someone wanting to try their hand in the R/C Helicopter field,lets you get the feel of what a "Higher-End" more complex CCPM Heli can do,so,you'll be less apt to "CRASH And BURN " when you move up to the Collective Pitch Helicopters,and more comfortable than if you used only a "Trainer Program" on your PC. The Lama was ready to go as soon as the battery was charged,and the AA's were put in the Transmitter. It was set up very well at the factory and required hardly any trim adjustment to Hover like a champ Right out Of The Box!! Very Responsive and handled just like a larger model R/C helicopter,
    Basic Maneuvers were a piece of cake in the living room,and Also OUTSIDE on a Very Calm day-I Wouldn't recommend outside flight on a regular basis,it's Extremely Light Weight,and when I had it at about 75 ft in the air,it was very easy to lose track of because of it's small size,although,it was a JOY to FLY !!
    I've had my Lama V4 for 3 months,flown almost Everyday on at least one battery charge,(sometimes up to 4 or 5!),and,I have yet to experience ANY Problems Whatsoever. I came complete with Lipo and AA Batteries,Lipo Balancing Charger with Wall Plug for indoor charging,and,a 12 volt battery hookup for outdoor charging,3 spare sets of Rotor Blades in case of close calls with the Coffee Table. Also had a Nice Training Flight Simulator CD-ROM disc,that allowed you to plug into the 4 channel Transmitter's training port with the included USB cable ,and into your PC for some FUN Simulated Flight training with a few different Heli AND Airplane Models included!! Really a Nice Bonus!!
    I Recommend the ESKY V4 LAMA RTF to ANYONE Thinking of trying their hand at flying helis,or to the PROS that want a nice heli to have in the house when the weather won't cooperate with you for a day out at the field with your TYPHOON or your BELT CP Helis!!! THIS IS ONE VERY NICE BIRD,Especially for what's included and the QUALITY of what you Get!!!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Malin, Bob

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    Re: "LAMA V4" RTF CO-AX HELI, BLUE Reviews

    Comes with EVERYTHING YOU NEED,8 AA Batteries for the 4 ch Transmitter,7.4 V Lipo battery,Balancing Lipo charger,12 volt and 120v charger adapters,3 extra pairs of Rotor blades,a NICE Flight Simulator Training CD-Rom and USB cable to connect your 4 channel TX to your PC. My Lama was Ready to go after charging the Lipo,and It was upo and HOVERING Motionless like a champ with hardly any trim adjustment,so,factory set-up was EXCELLENT. The Esky Lama allows a beginner to experience the response and flight characteristics similar to a larger ,more complex Collective Pitch (CCPM) Heli. The Beginner will Benefit GREATLY from starting out with the Lama then later moving on to the CCPM Helis,having an idea what to expect and already having a basic "FEEL" for a better Experience flying the Lama's "Big Brothers.
    I have had my ESKY for over 3 months,averaged flying it at least once almost daily-sometimes up to 4 or 5 battery charges worth of logged "Flight Time"-and have had absolutely NO Problems or Issues AT ALL with the Lama. Basic Maneuvers can be mastered easily with a little practice, it can do basically anything a "Big Bird" can,except of course 3-d,or,inverted flight,and,although I already fly 400 and 500 series helis,I THOROUGHLY ENJOY the Lama Indoors when weather isn't "Flight Friendly,and Also OUTDOORS on CALM DAYS!! I Wouldn't recommend the Lama as a Regular Outdoor Flyer,It's light weight will cause Big Problems in a sudden Breeze,and,the small size is easy to lose after it's 50-75' in the air. BUT,Starting Out Heli flight with the Lama, the Beginner will be WELL ON HIS WAY To 3d Acrobatics,Loops,Rolls,Etc. when he moves up to his TYPHOON,or BELT CP Heli!! REALLY A GREAT HELI--I Recommend this Heli to ANYONE!!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Malin, Bob

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    Re: "LAMA V4" RTF CO-AX HELI, BLUE Reviews

    Great Beginner Helicopter
    Very smooth and docile helicopter. Cheap price for such a great flying machine. It is truely ready to run and requires nothing. Great way to learn how to fly or decide whether you want to pursue rc helicopters.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Groden, Mark

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    Re: "LAMA V4" RTF CO-AX HELI, BLUE Reviews

    good but not great RC heli
    A great beginner but it likes to float around, and it is hard to make it go where you want it to.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by karges, colton

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    Re: "LAMA V4" RTF CO-AX HELI, BLUE Reviews

    The Lama V4 RTF heli came to me only 2 days after I ordered it. I used standard shipping. It was packed very well with no damage. I took it out of the box, charged the battery and read the instructions as quick as I could. I do fly RC planes, but I am not the best pilot around my block by far. Let me say that when I took this heli up for the first time, i was amazed! It flew so well. Mine does not float or anything. When I move the right stick forward, it goes forward. Same with all controls. This is such and easy heli to fly that my wife gave it a try. No problem. It can fly outside as well, but if there is any wind at all, it will drift then. Now I know this is a beginner heli, but this thing is a blast to fly. If you are wanting to fly an RC heli and you have no experience or trainer to help you, buy one of these Lama's from Hobby Lobby and you will be successful. Honestly, you can fly this on your first try. And if you are not familiar with Hobby Lobby, you will be buying from one of the best on the net. They have great customer service and you can call them and speak to a person that knows something about the product they sell. THIS IS A GREAT FIRST RC HELICOPTER! (for you or your kids) AND UNDER 100 BUCKS!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Carmack, Cliff

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    Re: "LAMA V4" RTF CO-AX HELI, BLUE Reviews

    lama v-3
    absolute junk! I bought mine at the mall rc store and first flight the controls stuck and the copter crashed breaking several pieces. After repairs the second flight ended the same way with the tail section breaking completely off! I've been flying mini copters for years and even take them out doors on calm days so I'm no stranger to flying. The durability of this product is terrible for a 80.00 rc model. Buyer beware!
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by butler, mike

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