Fantastic motor!
I bought this motor for a Kyosho Illusion ducted fan. What a performance difference over the stock motor/fan. I used a wemotec 55mm fan with it and on 3s power there was a considerable difference, but where this motor shines is to hop up the stock package and run it on 4s power. My little Illusion zings around the sky nicely now, and the rpm's it turns on 4s makes it even sound a lot like a real jet. The motor has performed flawlessly now for well over 50 flights running wide open on most flights. With the wemotec 55mm fan it will pull around 25 amps on 4s power. I would definitely recommend this to anybody looking to spice up a lightweight (< 20 oz) ducted fan plane.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by McCon, Ryan