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    Fast and beautiful
    Definitely an attractive bird. It came in heavier than was listed. All up weight with required gear was 27 ounces. It seemed to have some tip stall tendencies through turns and slowing down too much to land, but that might be because my CG was back a little bit so make sure your CG is right on. I sure got a lot of remarks on how pretty it is. It makes a cool sound as it zips by. I gave it less stars because my airframe came in 5 ounces heavier than listed and one wing was heavier than the other. I ended up using a larger battery than listed 2100 mAh and then that bumped up my total weight to 32 oz. I had to move the elevator servo back and carve out the spar in the battery area to fit, but the plane handled well even at that weight. I wish it had a rudder for better handling around turns, but it still flew well enough without one.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Stott, Jeremy

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    Fast and Pretty
    Pros: She looks good on the ground and in the air. It is a good looking plane that draws a crowd. My set-up is with a 2200 KV, 6x4 prop, and a 3 cell 1500-2200. This baby screams.

    Cons: You need to keep the momentum up through turns or the wing will want to dip down on you. A Rudder would help with this but there isn't one. Make sure your CG is right on.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Stott, Jeremy

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    Intro to electic sailplanes
    The Freebird is advertised as an introductory "hotliner". I purchased this plane with the intent to get into the "warmliner"/ "hotliner" scene. When the model first arrived, I was impressed with the lines of this plane and the nice fiberglass fuselage. The covering scheme is basic, but was very pleasing to my eye.

    The instructions included were anything but stellar, but it did the job. I believe Hobby-Lobby should rework these instructions. First thing I did when I received the model was to weigh all the pieces. I was not impressed with the two wings. One wing was almost 20grams heavier than then other side. I ended up embedding some lead into the the lighter wing half.

    The fuse is extremely tight and requires some little finger to work inside. I was unable to utilize the push rod exit for the elevator. The quick bend put WAY too much stress on the music wire. I ended up using a rotary tool to cut the rear of the fuse and allow the push rod to exit there.

    The horizontal stab also requires some work in order for it to fit correctly on the fuselage.

    Speeds were nice, but not what I was expecting. I was looking for 80+ mph sailplane; this is not. While the plane was in the air, I had some issues keeping orientation of it. On final approach, it will disappear if you are not careful. Do NOT get to slow in a turn! The Freebird fly's well when it is going fast, but as soon as you slow her down and enter a hard turn, she will drop and wing and spiral down to earth.

    I have many Hobby-Lobby planes and will continue to buy from them, but this plane no longer has a spot in my inventory.
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by Karlan, Bryan

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    Nice pane but no hot-liner
    I bought this plane with the idea that it would perform like a hot-liner, fast and agile. It was both of these but not designed to be pushed to any real limits. I have a AXI 2212/16 with a 9x6 folder. I'm pushing this motor to the limits and get great speed and performance from the plane. However, after only a dozen flights, the wing is giving out. It is not breaking at the spare but the whole wing is failing. The box for the spare is coming unglued and wing is coming apart. The only way to fix it is to remove the covering, completely rebuild the box for the spare and replace the ribs. This plane is more designed for speed and limited Gee turns, not anything with high Gee loadings.

    The look of the plane is great and the overall finish is good. The elevator push rod is not well designed and care is needed to make it stiff and not bend during high loads. It does not come out straight to the elevator and a bend is needed.

    Nice plane but is just not a true hot-liner as the name implies. Stay away from the 90mph power dives and you should be okay, just check the wing after each flight to be sure it is not coming apart from the inside.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Frenzl, Ronald

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    Could be a winner with a little work
    My buddy has one and I was pleased in its performance so I got one as well. The model is very nice. However the one page "manual" is quite poor, the hardware included was not what shown on the one page plan. So plan on "winging" the radio installation on this model. I put the elevator servos under the wing saddle area. The flexible elevator pushrod is not worth using. I replaced the elevator push rod with a regular pushrod and housing. The plywood formers that are glued in the fuselage are very bulky and were barely glued in which actually was a good thing as I was going for more power and needed the formers removed to get the space for a 3S2200 lipo inside. The holes in the wings need to be little bigger to pass the aileron extensions through easier. Do not plan on using the supplied hardware, treat this more just as a airframe only kit. In spite of the issues building it does look great when done and that is its saving grace. With a 250-300 watt power system it really goes well. If they spent just a few hours to make a manual and supplied with good hardware, it could be a real winner.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by slusarczyk, don

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