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Thread: What Modification are needed for Gas

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    What Modification are needed for Gas

    Love this plane, but would like to use a Zenoah G 20 EI or G 26 EI.. what modifications would I have to make.


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    Re: What Modification are needed for Gas

    I'm new to this and I'm sure Jason will be able to give you more info. I'm not sure which specific telemaster you are referring to. But the senior telemaster ARF is designed for gas and has to be slightly modified for electric. It comes with a fuel tank in the kit. Aside from getting your engine to fit, I wouldn't think you have any mods to make.


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    Re: What Modification are needed for Gas

    Depending on the plane, you would need to coat the firewall with epoxy to fuel proof it.


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    Re: What Modification are needed for Gas

    I am going to purchase the Telemaster sr plus. I've seen in other threads that they reinforced the firewall is that necessary if so what thickness would I need to use. I had the telemaster sr arf many years ago and loved it with just a few complaints and it sounds like the plus has answered all the problems and then some. Thanks for your time.

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    Re: What Modification are needed for Gas

    8th inch ply should do it.

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    Re: What Modification are needed for Gas

    Just out of curiosity, is there a need to dilute the epoxy with mineral spirits to ease in application or just use plain 30 minute epoxy???

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    Same question, differetnt TM

    I'd like to beef up the front end of the 12' Telemaster ARF to support a gas engine. This, and the smaller Electro TM, are both built with the elegant, laser cut parts that have been so cut out that they are almost all air. This is a very different kind of structure than I, as an old time model builder, am used to working with. If anyone has done these modifications, I would like to be put in touch with them to discuss it a bit.

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