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Thread: "CO-CO LAMA" V3 W/2.4 GHz Reviews

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    "CO-CO LAMA" V3 W/2.4 GHz Reviews

    "Noting but fun!!!!!
    5 out of 5 for fun. indoor fun for all the best thing i have bought for me and my kids. the extra blades were a good idea until we got the hang of it :). even my wife got in on the action and bought her one. thank you for a great product.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Moncrief, Darrell"

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    Re: "CO-CO LAMA" V3 W/2.4 GHz Reviews

    "Great step up from the Blade MCX
    I have been flying the little Blade MCX since Christmas and thought I would move up to something a little bigger. The Co-C0 Lama is a great value and fun to fly. While it requires a bit more attention, it is very stable and behaves well. It has a very solid feel and big motors for lots of power. I also have a Honey Bee Mark 3 which is still a challenge but I am beginning to feel that I am flying it instead of it flying me. The great bonus for getting the Co-Co Lama is that it uses the same battery and charger that the Honeybee does. I am very happy with this product and highly recommend it.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Pass, Joe"

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    Re: "CO-CO LAMA" V3 W/2.4 GHz Reviews

    "Overall Great Package
    I found the size of this helicopter and its scale appearance to be very satisfying. It has helped advance my flying technique a great deal.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Groden, Mark"

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    Re: "CO-CO LAMA" V3 W/2.4 GHz Reviews

    "Amzing height, amazing crash
    As it is not a toy and a real learning experience I had an interesting time. My main complaint is the englification of Chinese instructions. The simulator doesn't load correctly and will barely let you set the adjustment on the remote control. It looks like it might be a fun program to train with - if - it worked.
    I had a few crashes with my V3 and thought I had mastered it well enough to get out in the open. Since I didn't pay attention to the counter weight at the top my V3 is now only suitable for parts! Make sure this axel point is not cracked or lose for any reason. It flew up nice but a bit fast. I slowed it down but it started to fly around in a looping circle. As it was still climbing I eased back on the throttle to bring it down. This worked OK but as she began to lose altitude to fast I throttled up again. At this point (about 250' in the air) the Counter weight broke off. It sheared off the back of the V3 and the remains tumbled to the earth.
    I wrote it off for training and a learning experience. I will buy another and use with more respect.
    One major flaw is how the battery pack is held on the bottom of the craft. With only a few (not very hard) bounces the struts section that holds the battery broke making a tough item to fix or replace.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Bell, Robert"

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