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    Great Model build with care not speed!!!
    This model comes out of the box looking ready to fly.... I found all the preshaped parts to be 95% or better when it came to fit and finish... The rudder and elevator are a little more difficult to assemble and make function smoothly than is described in the ads or in the "manual". You must be creative with some unmentioned internal bracing to hold the control snake and the tail assembly in total is very weak and moves dramatically from side to side. It is better to fabricate a rudder skeleton and glue it inside the preformed fiber-glass tail. Then drill holes and fit the elevator control snake so it has a fixed attachment to operate from....this also gives you a better platform to attach the moving parts for the rudder. The aileron servo locations are precut but the wing is so thin you must the smallest servos you can locate, with enough power to operate the ailerons...or build a little "bump" on the lower wing panel to protect the servo from exposure. The canopy hatch is clumbsy and small screws with glued in blocks of wood work just fine....The reverse motor set up is super...a little tight but again careful modeling skills get the motor in without any rubbing. You may prefer to build some electrical extensions for the ESC to motor hookup, as the recommended AXI motor wires are pretty short. Now all I have to do is wait for some spring weather and charge up the battery and get this beauty airborne...
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Heisler, Roger

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    Quality kit. control rods need improvement, instructions are not that detailed, but what a nice plane
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by edson, terry"

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