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Thread: A4 SkyHawk Reviews

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    A4 SkyHawk Reviews

    Alfa A-4 Skyhawk
    My eZone review:

    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Llewellyn, Mike

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    Re: A4 SkyHawk

    A4 Skyhawk Alfa models
    Purchased this little gem about a month ago. The packaging is pretty straight forward with foam wrapped around the major components, with some parts packaged in plastic bags. The plane is pre- painted which is a nice touch but the water slide decals can be challenging to put on. The instructions are also straight forward and one must study them well before assembly. This one is going to set on the shelf for a little while however until I purchase the jet-screamers motor for it. I have a hard time waiting for all the parts, and would rather be flying it. Once it is all together and in the air I will give an update.
    I really like the Alfa models jets and have both the F-86 and the Mig-15. Quality is #1 with their airframes and looks are pretty scale like. These aircraft are for intermediate pilots and higher, and should not be attempted by a beginner until they have flowm and mastered low wing aileron aircraft.
    I give this product 5 stars.

    Review by Rick, George

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    Re: A4 SkyHawk

    "Once of my favorite aircraft of all time.
    I was very happy when Alfa released the A4. The A-4 is what the Blue Angels used when I was a kid so I am partial to the A-4. I do not like the avionics hump on its back so I actually cut it off mine but some like its charm. This plane is on the smaller size and you must keep the aileron throws low especially if you plan on flying with higher wattage setups. I flew mine on a 5400 KV outrunner and on 3S was about 105 mph. The battery compartment is small so lipo selection is critical, too big a lipo and it will be quite nose heavy. Also use the 5 blade Alfa fan for best performance and I also recommend the use of a 1.8"" diameter exit nozzle cone to optimize thrust and speed.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by slusarczyk, don"

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