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Thread: eRC ESC's

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    eRC ESC's

    What makes an eRC Speed Control special besides the great price?
    Tremendous programming versatility

    - Multiple settings for the Brake (soft/medium/hard), most ESC's only offer on or off
    - Broader range of battery types supported (NiCd/Nimh, Lipo and LiFe)
    - More choices in Cut Off Voltage (2.8V, 3.0V, 3.2V, or no cut off protection)
    - Broad range of motor timing options for fine tuning your motor (2, 8, 15, 22, 30 degrees)
    - Lot's of Soft Start Up options, great for motors with gearboxes or large propellers
    - Adjustable SBEC output (5.0V, 5.5V, 6.0V at 5A continuous) Supply your servos with much stronger power
    - Helicopter Governor Mode with more programming options

    All the function and quality of a high dollar ESC without the high dollar price.
    eRC's line of ESCs combine performance, reliability and durability at exceptional pricing to give modelers excellent value. From 12Amps up to the 155 Amps, there's an ESC for just about every application at prices that are more than affordable. All eRC ESCs come with a one year warranty against manufacturer's defect and are backed by Hobby Lobby service. For best and easiest programming results, consider purchasing the Electronic Programmer. For more value components from the eRC line, check out eRC Motors and Servos. eRC. Reliable, quality components at modeler-friendly pricing.

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    Re: eRC ESC's

    This video will help you understand how to troubleshoot your eRC Speed Controller.


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