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Thread: eRC Eurofighter

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    eRC Eurofighter

    Coming Soon!
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    Re: Eurofighter Animation

    Here's some more pics of the Eurofighter. More details to come next week...

    Jason Cole
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    Re: New eRC Eurofighter

    eRC Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector Jet

    With fully functioning canards and 360 degree thrust vectoring, the Eurofighter lets you perform maneuvers that aren't possible with other jets. Like other eRC products, the Eurofighter is packed with modeler-pleasing extras like a detailed cockpit, Midnight Flyers LED light set, and retractable landing gear with suspension. Also included is 90mm ducted fan, outrunner brushless motor, 85 amp controller, and 11 pre-installed servos.

    Eurofighter Highlights:

    * 90mm EDF unit
    * Outrunner B3553 motor (1750 Kv)
    * 85A ESC with 5A switch mode BEC
    * Dual 360 thrust vectoring nozzles
    * 7 LED Midnight Flyer light set
    * 11 9-gram servos pre-installed
    * 2 functioning canards
    * Scale retractable landing gear w/suspension
    * Detailed cockpit interior
    * Authentic trim scheme
    * Magnetic hatch access to battery

    Eurofighter Specs:

    * Wingspan: 37-1/2"
    * Length: 55"
    * Wing Area: 630 sq. in.
    * Flying Weight: 79 oz.
    * Thrust: 84-1/2 oz. (on 6 cells)

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    Re: New eRC Eurofighter


    I have one of the PnP Eurofighters and I have to say it has been hard to get everything together. I have been plagued with quality problems. Started with wingspar fit on one wing would not seat all the way. Unglued wood in Canards, cracked canard torque tubes, all screws needed thread lock (NORMAL BUILD CHECK), One failed retract servo (all 3 then changed with Hitec MG after seeing all the failures from the other customers), one aileron servo and now tonight I was getting ready to maiden and found the one aileron extension was intermittent and has lost contact - seems the servo wires were bundled too tight from the factory and has caused an open cirecuit - no servo cobtrol. I did check the actual servo connector at the wing root and the servo is OK, so the extension is dead.

    How do I run a new extension with a built up fuselage?

    I am kinda burnt on this bird. I should have done bought the fuse only and not had to worry about the issues and frustration. I knew better but had great luck with the SU34.....this one has proven to be a lemon so far. Really bumming me out.

    Anyway I needed to let you guys know (I know you know about the issues already....many people having problems like mine).

    Please advise what I can do.


    PM me or email (kydawg1@yahoo dot com) as needed.

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    Re: New eRC Eurofighter

    Please call our sales staff at 866-512-1444.

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    Re: New eRC Eurofighter

    I've had many of the same issues. Like all of the Chinese-made foam jets it's not made to last any length of time. Like you, I found a bad Y-cable extension, and a gear servo failed immediately. The gear door lasted about 6 or 8 cycles. All of them are built cheap and intended to last for just so-many cycles. There's a trade-off for the relatively low price. Art Minklein

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    Re: New eRC Eurofighter

    One more question. Has anyone been able to locate touch-up paint in the color of the Eurofighter in any of the hobby spray paints?

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    Re: New eRC Eurofighter

    V2 of the Eurofighter is now in stock. Better paint, servos, and electric retracts. Oh and a new low price at $359.99. Was $389.99. See it here ... 0_prd1.htm


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    Re: New eRC Eurofighter

    Great to see these improvements to an already amazing jet - the price is right too. How easy would it be to retrofit the new electric retracts into the V1 Eurofighter?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Cole
    V2 of the Eurofighter is now in stock. Better paint, servos, and electric retracts. Oh and a new low price at $359.99. Was $389.99. See it here ... 0_prd1.htm


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    Re: New eRC Eurofighter

    Super easy. Just bolt right in place where the old mechanical retracts went. We have them on order as a spare part so people can get just the retracts for that purpose. Price is $69.99 for the set. Should be on our website by next week.


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