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Thread: eRC Servos

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    eRC Servos

    Smooth, Quiet, Strong. Not Your Typical Micro Servo
    Finally an economy micro servo with smooth, quiet performance and good power. Unlike many of the micro servos available in this price range, these servos have very good resolution. Each servo is tested at the factory before shipment. They transition from one end to the other in small precise steps and center accurately. Ideal for use in parkflyer airplanes and EDF jets. The precision you want at a price you can love!

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    Re: eRC Servos

    Erc 9 gram metal gear servo
    I'm using one each of these on the elevator and rudder of an EFlight PT-19. They really are smooth and center well. Overall I'd say I'm pleased with them and will buy more in the future.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Hangartner, Rodger

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    Re: eRC Servos

    Very Happy
    I got a 1:18 sacker sport r/c truggy. The servo went bad. It had plastic gears in it. So I went with this one. I like it so far. It took alittle bit to fit it in. But sounds good. I am very happy.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Welch, John

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