I've had one of these GuanLi A10's for over 3 years just sitting collecting dust because I couldn't get the thing to fly higher than 4 feet for about 50 yards before the battery went kaput. It came with a NiMh AAA650mah 9.6 volt battery. I changed out the ESC/rx plug to 3.5mm banana plugs and recently I tried it again using a 7.4 volt 800 mah LiPo battery. The thing wouldn't take off other than the wings lifting the front wheel off the ground a bit and causing the tail to drag on the asphalt.

My question is this: If I tried an 11.1v 800mah LiPo battery would I fry the brushed motors and brushed ESC?
Is that too much voltage to run through it?

I don't really know if I can change out the motors and ESC's to a brushless system and come out ahead of just buying a new one that has a brushless system already installed and using this one as spare parts.

Any help would be appreciated.