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Thread: My champ rutter's are bent

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    My champ rutter's are bent

    Today my Hobbyzone champ arrived and when i opened it i noticed that the rutter flaps are bent. How do i fix this?
    Here are some pictures

    This is my first rc plane and im having a really bad experience :(. (I also had another problem where the thing that connected to the battery was inside the plane, so i had to open the plane and bring it out). Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Re: My champ rutter's are bent

    I fixed that problem. I was afraid that twisting it too much would tear it, but it worked. Problem solved :mrgreen: .

    I got a new problem tho..

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    Re: My champ rutter's are bent

    Oh man, stuck in a tree. Been there my friend. You'll get it back.

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    Re: My champ rutter's are bent

    There's a loop of metal on the pushrod. with needlenose pliers, squeeze closed or open that loop until the rudder is straight.
    Usually when I'm flying, if I have to use more than 4-5 clicks of trim I go back and mechanically adjust those loops.

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