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Thread: Slow EDF

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    Slow EDF

    How do I go about getting some more speed out of my Mig? I don't believe it is getting anywhere near the advertised 65mph as indicated on the website. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Slow EDF

    Reduce weight and drag. Use the lightest battery you can, and take off the drop tanks for max speed.

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    Re: Slow EDF

    I did not mount the tanks on it and I am using the battery that came with the plane.

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    Re: Slow EDF

    I have found that an1800-2100 mah lipo provided slightly more power even though the weight was a little higher.

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    Re: Slow EDF

    I will try it with a bigger lipo to see if it improves the perfomance.

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    Re: Slow EDF

    Well my Mig is flying great now! Put two flights on it today and was very impressed with the performance. I had to change out the fan assembly since the one that came with the plane was rubbing the housing causing the slow speed. I am looking at getting the Panther edf jet next.


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