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Thread: Out of stock Telemasters

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    Out of stock Telemasters

    Can anyone here on the staff tell me if the stuff out of stock on the TELEMASTER (Senior telemaster or the Telemaster 40) are on order, in transit.
    Are they still making the kits stateside . or are the on one of those slow container ships.

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    Re: Out of stock Telemasters

    The kits have been on order for a very long time. The U.S. kit supplier has had trouble sourcing wood and making our kits. We're currently exploring options.

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    Re: Out of stock Telemasters

    SOooooo! am I waisting build time waiting on this Kit (Senior Telemaster Airplane Kit (OVERSIZE)) to be available anytime soon? I hate rumors but I have seen in many rc forums that the Telemaster Kit will be extinct soon. I have read reviews in this forum that a kit was available as recent as Aug. 2011 but had Landing gear removed from the kit. How is the future looking for this Kit? I am anxiously waiting to purchase a Telemaster kit to build.

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    Re: Out of stock Telemasters

    Well, I guess I can sort of let the cat out of the bag. We WILL have kits. We are working with a new US vendor and will be making updated modern laser cut kits that practically fall together. We still MAY be able to sell the old kits as is if the vendor will ever make them and ship them to us. Once the new vendor is up and running, we should not have any stocking issues.


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