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Thread: Samurai w Power

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    Samurai w Power

    :) I built the Samurai (powered) according to the instructions. Beautiful looking sailplane. Had test flights and it Flew fine, however :? I question the configuration. It seems to be greatly over powered and the specified control throws are too great! It made it very difficult to fly. At 50% rate it flys nicely.
    :evil: In addition the configuration in the pod with the 45AMP ESC, receiver and 3 cell battery side by side with no ventilation seems to be a system set for disaster. In my last flight I flew for 10 minutes most of the time at 1/3 throttle or less and the outside of the Pod by the motor was very hot to touch. All foam tape backed velcro used to hold the battery, esc and receiver had come loose from the heat. I cant see any way to ventilate the motor compartment as there is no space anywhere for air circulation. It would appear that any Air scoops in the front will interfere with the folding props. With the temperature the pod will probably turn brown soon!
    This was great for a couple of flights however I am afraid this plane and its electronics will not last very long without some major modification. The pod is too small and all the weight is needed forward to balance.

    :idea: How can we ventilate the motor compartment?

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    Re: Samurai w Power

    Well, the first thing is that it's only designed for a 2S battery, not a 3S. With 2S there is no need for cooling and the power is still amazing with vertical climbs. Control throws are just personal preference, so where ever you like them is right. Cut that battery back to a 2S pack and you'll have no worries about cooling. On 3S, you'd need to cut the prop size way back to keep things within spec.

    Jason Cole

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    Re: Samurai w Power

    Gee, don't know how I missed that! Thanks, I'll gIve the smaller battery a try, now I see why I was so over powered and controls so sensitive!
    Thanks! :D

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    Re: Samurai w Power

    That says a lot to me about the ESC. It just took the punishment with frying. I'm really surprised it kept working :shock: You should enjoy it much better on 2S. It's quickly becoming my go to plane. I just love how it flies.


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