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Thread: Telemaster PLUS UAV - FPV: Blackcat

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    Telemaster PLUS UAV - FPV: Blackcat

    I want to share with you my Telemaster PLUS build. I'm calling it the Blackcat...because something so docile as a Telemaster needs a menacing name!

    I wanted a departure from the OEM trim, so I primed her up in some "military" UAV color. Took about 4 cans of primer and 3 cans of clearcoat, wet sanded between coats.

    Build will be as follows:
    eflite power 60
    phoenix 80 w/ cc BEC
    HS-322HD servos
    6s 5000 x 2. 10,000 total mah

    GoPro on pan/tilt
    downward facing Canon S95 w/ remote trigger
    1.2 1w Lawmate (Cloverleaf & 9.5dbi Helical w/ EE diversity
    Cloverleaf or rubberduck vtx antenna
    Dragonlink on Futaba 9CAP
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_0897.jpg   IMG_0898.jpg   IMG_0899.jpg  


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    Re: Telemaster PLUS UAV - FPV: Blackcat

    To webdr. What is that plane going to weigh? I seems that it will take a bunch to balance it out with 2 of the 6s 5000 batts. The CG is going to move way back won't it? I just finished my Plus and was planning on using 1 5s 5ooo. swinging a 13x6 prop. when I put the meter to it, I got 739 watts. and the plane weighs 9.5 lbs. I know I am going to have to put a bigger batt in it, but I hope to stay with just one 6s 5000, to keep the CG in line. I am using a Rimfire .80 with a 100 BEC.

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    Re: Telemaster PLUS UAV - FPV: Blackcat

    Im not sure what she will weigh in at...but Im not worried about it. I can always move the packs back in the fuselage. Plus, I have a slightly heavy 1w VTX and cloverleaf antenna back at the tail so that will help as well. I will weigh it soon.

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    Re: Telemaster PLUS UAV - FPV: Blackcat

    What prop are you using on it?

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    Re: Telemaster PLUS UAV - FPV: Blackcat

    14x10 at the moment

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    Re: Telemaster PLUS UAV - FPV: Blackcat

    wow. even with two 5s 5000 packs pushed up against the firewall, she is still tail heavy! :shock:

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    Re: Telemaster PLUS UAV - FPV: Blackcat

    Are you stacking the 2 batteries or putting them end to end?

    We used two 4s 5800 mAh stacked batteries and I had them pushed pretty much back, almost to the servo tray. And we had a cam and transmitter under the servo tray. If anything, we were still a tad nose heavy but I wasn't worried about that as we were planning for additional batteries and/or auto pilot equipment yet. She flew great her first two times out like that. May never know what happened on the third flight.

    When. I get the new fuse, I plan on moving the two servos to the tail section to free up maximum space in the CG area.


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