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Thread: New eRC Speed Controls!!

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    New eRC Speed Controls!!

    Economically priced HIGH performance speed controllers for brushless motors. There is an ESC for almost any airplane from a parkflyer up to a giant scale models. All ESC's are produced in a state-of-the-art factory with strict quality control assuring long life and excellent performance. All ESC's are programmable either using the throttle stick on your transmitter or with the optional eRC Electronic Programer. Each ESC comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer's defects.
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    Re: New eRC Speed Controls!!

    Hey Jason!

    Have you tried the governor mode of these ESCs in a heli yet? And is the soft start really soft? I'm looking for something to go in a 8S powered 600mm heli. I'm running a Castle ICE 100 right now, but all the fire stories have me running scared. :shock:


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    Re: New eRC Speed Controls!!

    Hey Chris,
    I haven't tried it yet, so I don't know. I can send you one to try out if you can do a little write up on it here in the forum. Send me an email to with your address. The only one that can handle 8S is the 120 Opto controller. You'll need a BEC to run the radio gear if that's ok with you. Let me know.


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    Re: New eRC Speed Controls!!

    First, I have to say a big "THANK YOU" to Jason and Hobby Lobby for graciously sending me an eRC ESC to test! You guys are great! 8-)

    I got a chance to fly the eRC 120 in my Outrage Fusion 50, and it's a "good news / not so good news" result:

    The good news: The soft start and slow spoolup is pretty good. It's not linear, so it starts slow, ramps up fairly fast (not fast enough to spin the heli around) then takes a few more seconds to stabilize the headspeed. It runs VERY cool (I'm on an 8S setup, with peaks in the 100 amp range). It was 95F during the testing, and IR readings after a 6 minute flight showed 99F on the heat sink! In non-governed mode it worked exactly like it should, with no surprises. Programming was a snap with the program box of course.

    The not so good news: The governor mode does not seem to work. Regardless of the throttle curve setting in the transmitter, it spooled up to a certain point (around 900 rpm headspeed) and sat there kinda wavering the throttle back and forth like it had no idea how fast to spin the motor. I don't know if this is endemic to the entire line or just this one.

    Summary: I would say for the heli pilot who doesn't run governor mode, or perhaps if they are using an external governor in a FBL unit, it would work very well for a very reasonable price. The responsiveness in non-governor mode was excellent, and the Fusion flew with great gusto. Of course, for a plane none of my complaints would apply so it's obviously great for that! The ESC seems very well built, and the mounting bracket is a nice touch.

    Overall I'd say Hobby Lobby has a winner with the eRC series. I'll be building three small pylon racers in the near future during a "group building day", and I know what ESCs I'll recommend to the guys. As for this 120? We're going to give it away to a lucky show listener. Tune in to the podcast to hear the details. 8-)

    Chris "JustPlaneChris" Boultinghouse

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    Re: New eRC Speed Controls!!


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    Re: New eRC Speed Controls!!


    I recently read this thread in another forum:

    You may wish to address concerns regarding opensource or derivative works if the firmware on these new escs are from Simon K's.

    Thank you for your attention.

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    Re: New eRC Speed Controls!!

    Thanks, I've responded over there.

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