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Thread: Famous F16 CG

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    Famous F16 CG

    I bought the 70mm EDF Famous F16 a couple of years ago and I'm putting in a heavier fan/motor (wemotech minifan 480/jetscreamer motor) but I can't find the manual for the plane and don't know exactly where the CG should be.

    Do you guys know where it should be set or is the manual online anywhere? Thanks

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    Re: Famous F16 CG

    I do happen to have my manual for that jet and the CG is 78mm from the very front of the wing as it goes into the fuselage.

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: Famous F16 CG

    Super! That's what I needed, thanks. btw, don't know why the guys at HL stopped selling that plane. It's a very good jet, has great slow flight ability and really flies well even with the stock motor/fan. And it looks great in the air. I'm having to buy parts for it from Nitro now.

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    Re: Famous F16 CG

    just in case, here is the scan of CG, for clarification.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails F-16 Famous.jpg  

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